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Died Hemalurgy[1]
Abilities Steelrunner
Residence Elendel
Ethnicity Terris
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

Idashwy is a Terris Steelrunner.[2] Bleeder kills her and steals her ability to use Feruchemical steel.[1]

Idashwy grew up in the Village but would often sneak out in her youth.[1] Wax remembers her as a shy girl with golden hair.[2] She moved into the Bournton District and got a job as a bookkeeper for a jeweler near her apartment.[1] According to Vwafendal, she vanished about a month before Lady ZoBell's party and had been behaving erratically and claiming that she was being visited by her dead brother's spirit.[2] She was last seen at work over a week before the party, and no one answered when her employer sent someone to her flat.[1] Wax found her corpse in the kitchen of her apartment and recognized her wound as one caused by a Hemalurgic spike from the description in the book Ironeyes had sent him.

Wayne's speculation about Idashwy[edit]

And she left again, on account of the Village being so dull as to bore the sense out of a scribe. Our miss, she tried to remain conservative at first, so she got a job as a clerk, a good Terris occupation. She convinced herself that a nice apartment - where she was safe from the supposed horrors of lesser neighborhoods - was worth the expense. Simple stuff. But then some workers at the jeweler took her out, and she let herself drink. She liked that. Awakened memories of sneaked drinks as a youth. She wanted more, so she bought a whole mess of different kinds of spirits to try them all out. She liked port best, by the way. Now we find her with increasingly liberal dresses, showing more skin, spending most evenings out. Give her a few more months, and she’d have turned into a right proper girl to have a good time with.


  • Her name is pronounced like the phrase "I dash wee!"[3]


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