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Gereh by Dragontrill.jpg
Died 1175, killed by Mraize[1]
Abilities Feruchemist,[2] Worldhopper
Bonded With Gereh's Aviar
Ethnicity Terris
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

Oh, Brightness, they've taken our king! Those parshmen. Those barbarians. Those... those monsters.

—Gereh to Navani[3]

Gereh is the house steward in Kholinar Palace on Roshar.[3] An agent for persons unknown, Gereh is a Feruchemist and has a red Aviar.[4][2] He was watching Dalinar Kholin specifically.[2] After retiring from his role as steward, he lived in Urithiru until he was murdered by Mraize.[1] It is uncertain whether Gereh is his real name or an alias.


By the time he worked as the house steward in Kholinar, Gereh is white-bearded and frail.[3] He wears multiple rings on his fingers, presumably serving as his metalminds. He occasionally fidgets nervously with these rings. He also alters his appearance slightly in an unknown way, making himself seem as if he had the epicanthic folds common in many humans on Roshar.[1]

Attributes & Abilities[edit]

Gereh is a Feruchemist with an unknown skillset.[4][2] He could also effectively hide some of his physical features that made him stand out as a person of non-Rosharan descent.[1] Gereh also had come into possession of a red Aviar. The powers granted by the Aviar are unknown mind abilities,[5] and the intelligent bird is very loyal to the man and able to feel Gereh's location from a distance.[5]


Kholinar Steward[edit]

Nothing is known of Gereh's early life, or his planet of birth, but he worked long enough as steward in the Kholinar Palace to be known as a fixture there,[3] becoming a notable, if minor functionary.[1] While Gereh's apparent profession was steward, he also served as an agent for an unknown master,[4] watching over House Kholin.[2] It is likely that in the year 1167, Gereh became aware of Axindweth, a Terriswoman agent working for Odium in the Kholinar Palace. He turned Gavilar against her and forced her to flee the planet.[4]

Shortly thereafter, on the night of the treaty signing celebration with the listeners, Gereh approached Queen Navani Kholin in the palace gardens prior to feast to inform her that Brightlord Rine Hatham was expecting an audience with Gavilar to discuss border disputes and the king was nowhere to be found.[3] He then led Navani to Hatham. Later that night, Navani found a grief-stricken Gereh and after she took his hand he informed her of Gavilar's assassination, although she did not immediately believe he was telling the truth. Gereh seemed deeply distraught by Gavilar's death, crying and shaking in sorrow.[3]

Retirement and Death[edit]

By 1175 Gereh seemed to have retired from active duty in the palace.[1] He came to live in Urithiru with many of the other displaced Alethi and lived a quiet life where he was visited occasionally by Lift, who enjoyed looking in on the elderly. Just prior to the occupation of Urithiru by the Fused, Gereh's Aviar was away from Gereh for unknown reasons. He was attacked by Mraize in his rooms and was killed by a knife wound to the chest. He was either attacked while he was without his metalminds, or they were stripped from his body by Mraize after his death. The modifications that Gereh had made to the appearance of his eyes also vanished after his death. Gereh's Aviar had been waylaid by Mraize's Aviar, but it managed to return to Gereh's rooms with Lift's help to find the man's body and mourn over it. Mraize, who had been waiting, pursued Lift out of Gereh's rooms and caught her.


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