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Abilities Worldhopper, Feruchemist
Ethnicity Terris
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Axindweth is a member of Gavilar's retinue involved in his dealings with the forces of Odium. She meets with Venli and gives her a gemstone that contains Ulim.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Axindweth wears a traditional Alethi havah on both occasions where she interacts with Venli and Eshonai. Though Axindweth is ambitious and has a thirst for knowledge, as demonstrated by her questions to the listeners and her conversation with Venli, she knows when to withdraw before getting into trouble.[2][1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Oh, I've always been good with languages.

—Axindweth to Venli on her ability to speak the Listener language without learning it[1]

She is likely a Terriswoman and a Feruchemist, since she wears a large number of rings that serve as metalminds. Axindweth can easily learn and speak different languages, owing to her Feruchemy and her metalminds.[2][1]


Before the War of Reckoning (1165 - 1167)[edit]

During a trip to the Shattered Plains with the listeners, Gavilar brought a retinue of attendants. Axindweth, who was allegedly a surgeon's assistant, approached Eshonai and asked her what she saw when she looked at some windspren, and asked her whether or not she'd seen some spren acting like people, or some who talked to her. Eshonai noted that she wore a great deal of rings on her right hand, which seemed impractical. Later, when Eshonai pulled out her hunting knife to cut something, Axindweth asked if she could take a closer look at it. She beckoned Gavilar over, then theorized that Eshonai's knife must date back to the False Desolation.[3]

After Venli and Eshonai's family moved into an abandoned city on the Shattered Plains, defeating the family of listeners that held it beforehand, Axindweth appeared again with Gavilar's retinue. She found Venli sitting outside the city, staring at the broken plateaus below. She conversed with Venli in the listener tongue, much to Venli's surprise, and said that she's always been good at languages. Introducing herself as Axindweth, she asked if Venli would like to learn to obtain a form of power. Despite Venli's protests, she questioned the listeners' faith in their ancestors. Finally, she enticed Venli into her offer by suggesting there were forms of power that could heal someone. As Venli expressed shock, Axindweth retrieved a blood-red, glowing gemstone from her safehand sleeve. She instructed Venli to take the gem and break it in a storm to find the answers she sought, then left.[1]

Assassination of Gavilar (Tanat ? 1167)[edit]

At the feast that Gavilar held to celebrate the treaty between the listeners and Alethi, Venli and Ulim searched for a bag of gemstones that Axindweth left in the palace for Venli's scholars. Venli asked Ulim where Axindweth was. Ulim insisted that Axindweth hadn't contacted him in a few days, but promised she'd leave more gemstones at the rendezvous point. Once Venli and Ulim reached the rendezvous point, a privy room, they found a ciphered note from Axindweth in an empty chamber pot. In the note, Axindweth wrote that she'd been discovered by another one of her kind, who was an agent working for a different entity. This agent turned Gavilar against her, and soon after, Axindweth fled Roshar.[2]


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