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Navani's notebook
Type Research notes
Author Navani Kholin
Language Women's script
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Navani's notebook is a series of pages written by the Artifabrian Navani Kholin. Navani uses her notebook as a location to write down many of her ideas in. As a result it contains information about Rosharan science.


Page one[edit]

The cut and type of the gem determines what kind of spren are attracted to it and can be imprisoned in it.

There must be thousands of viable combinations.

Once a spren is captured and the gem infused with Stormlight the fabrial can be used in machines.

Flamespren trapped in emerald.

(These are labels describing which spren are attracted to different gem cuts and/or types.)

  • cold
  • gravity
  • pain
  • heat
  • wind

Pain Knife[edit]

The pain knife is used as a means of protection.

Sharp blades pierce an attacker’s clothing and cause crippling pain.

Remove outer covering to infuse fabrial with Stormlight


Retractable blades cause crippling pain.

Dial pushes blades to four set lengths.

Page two[edit]

Examples of stormlight patterns

Patterns of stormlight filtered through the fabrial determine the power of the gem

The pattern cannot be seen by the naked eye

Fabrials allow creation of things like the emotion bracelet made of ten fabrials working together

(Examples of emotion bracelet in use)

Man betrayed by a close friend

Woman who has just been proposed to

Man who discovered his betrothed lied to him

Mother at wedding of only son


  • Anticipation
  • anger
  • disgust
  • sadness


  • love
  • hate


  • joy
  • trust
  • fear
  • surprise

The trick of the emotion bracelet is first learning to read it and second learning to tell if the bracelet is reading your emotions, your subject's emotions, or the emotions of the person in the next room over

Archery Constructions[edit]

Archery constructions

Fabrial for an archer tower.

Glyphs of numbers; one, two, three, four (denoting the four steps during useage)

Reversal principle of conjoined compounded custom cut amethysts.

Aids in drying bowstrings.


Archers during the Weeping.

Ship Designs[edit]

Ship designs

Too fanciful, ha?

Ask Rushu how to keep the mast from ripping off

Jasnah's favorite



Touch the gems in the correct combination to release a shock from the front nodes that will incapacitate an attacker

Top View

Side View



The Fourth bridge[edit]

The Fourth bridge

The fourth bridge is not as pretty as my fanciful designs

but it is thrilling to see the ship coming together

The final build follows these designs with some

changes my engineers suggested

Cutaway showing levels below main deck for carrying people and supplies

Kaladins old bridge

embedded in the deck

Possible design for next iteration of sky carriage

Main entrance works like a drawbridge

I hope fans will lessen

some of the horizontal load

Maybe add soulcast crystal

over the top

Stairs might fold up into a

table to make space

Latest tests show we need four fins instead of two wings

The Arnist Method[edit]

The Arnist Method

The Arnist method begins with luring the

Spren to the gem

For example to attract a

Flamespren create a fire nearby

Allow the spren to

inspect the gem

Arnist hoop


drawing out the


pulls the Spren

into the gem

The Spren becomes trapped inside



cage surrounding

the gem can be adjusted by

twisting rods hooked to eyebolts

The tighter the cage the more heat the fabrial generates

The Crystal Pillar Room[edit]

The Crystal Pillar Room

Close up of the crystal pillar

Suppressor device

retrieved by Kaladin

The pattern of garnets

is similar to one I

have seen on the pillar

Stairwell chamber

Library room


The crystal

pillar room

Library room


Raboniels soul

harvesting dagger

Navani: The white gold metal vein down the middle conducts Investiture

Raboniel called the metal Raysium and says there is not enough in

this dagger to collect her soul or that of a herald

I am not sure I believe her

Raboniel: Navani ís right not to believe. I have given her few reasons to

trust me after all but in this thing I don't lie

why give into my enemys hands the means to destroy me?

Navani: I will proceed with my experiments

our discovery of Warlight paired with my eventual understanding

of this dagger might yield a way to stop this war

Raboniel: Though I think we disagree on what an acceptable end to the war

actually looks like

Navani: The ruby is housed in a metal other than Raysium silver maybe?

Raboniel: I can confirm the metal is not raysium, but a silver-

nickel alloy and does not affect the daggers function

Navani: Touching the dagger to

Half of the ruby does not

pull out the half spren.

Cracking one half

however allows the

Spren to escape.

The dagger immediately

pulls the spren along the

Raysium vein and into the

gem at its base

I suspect the vein of Raysium continues through the daggers

hilt and somehow attaches to the ruby at its base

Raboniel: The Raysium vein is removable, reversible and

conducts Investiture directly to the gemstone



The Thaylen vacuum tube

A cracked diamond

affixed to the end

might give the exact

result I am seeking

The metal caps unscrew

for versatility in


A fabrial pump removes the remaining air

Navani: The rhythms cause patterns in the sand. Different patterns for the

different kinds of light. There must be an answer of some kind here

though I wish I could consult a true scholar concerning this

Raboniel: Now that we have seen where this line of

exploration has led, I am amazed that you

were able to extrapolate this

voice of lights

Navani: The tones are

becoming easier for me to hear. I recognise the

tones of the different kinds of light and struggle to hear if there is something more.

Raboniel: Your research has yielded great fruits. There was a time I thought it impossible for one

of your kind to hear the rhythms. How could I have anticipated the magnitude of what

you have kept hidden from me? I fear I have underestimated you and your kind.


  • The notes can be found as interior art in all books of The Stormlight Archive.
  • While the originals were transliterated from English into the women's script, they have been transliterated back into the English alphabet by fans.[1][2][3]


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