Alta Base

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Alta Base
Alta Base.jpeg
by Isaac Stewart
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Alta Base is a military outpost on the surface of Detritus above Igneous Cavern. It acts as the main base of the DDF.[1] It contains the only trees on Detritus.

Alta Base sits over 120 kilometers west of a mountain range. Anti-aircraft (AA) guns protect the base, with a comfortable range of 75 meters and a maximum range of 120 meters. The area around Alta Base has been turned into farm land. A public elevator is available to take people to Igneous Caverns, however, it is quite slow. In comparison, the private elevator which extends to the Deep Caverns, is relatively quick.

On duty pilots live and work at Alta Base and are rotated down into the Deep Caverns at different intervals in order to protect some of the DDF forces in the case that Alta is destroyed by a lifebuster. If a lifebuster is dropped directly on Alta Base it would also destroy Igneous Caverns which can be found underground beneath the base.

Flight School is located at Alta Base, with cadets training and living at the base. Cadets are housed in the same buildings as full pilots and share facilities with these pilots. Spensa is denied lodging at Alta Base during her time as a cadet and instead stays in the cave close where she first discovered M-Bot.


In the beginning, Alta Base had been cloaked to hide it from the Krell, in an attempt to build up a defense force against the aliens using ship factories in Igneous Cavern below. The Krell, however, discovered the base and sent a large force to attack and destroy the humans. The DDF won the Battle of Alta, chasing off the Krell and saving Alta Base. Following the battle they removed the cloaking from Alta Base and further fortified their position.

The Second Battle of Alta took place on the day of Skyward Flight's graduation. Ironsides sent the entire fleet of the Defiant Defense Force to a falling shipyard to recover its acclivity rings, leaving the base vulnerable. As expected, the Krell attack the DDF ships, attempting to destroy the shipyard and acclivity rings. This attack, however, was a diversion planned by the Krell so they could gain an opening to directly attack and destroy Alta Base. A second force of Krell, including a Lifebuster, went to attack Alta Base while it was undefended. Spensa defended the base in a damaged Poco by anticipating the movement of the Krell using her Cytonic abilities. Spensa's ship crash-landed before she is able to take down the Lifebuster. Cobb, piloting M-Bot, found Spensa and gave her control of M-Bot so she could rejoin the battle. When the Lifebuster dropped its bomb, Spensa uses her light-line to pull it safely away from Alta Base and Igneous Cavern.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


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