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DDF Ship Designs.jpeg
by Ben McSweeney
Type Spacecraft
World Unknown
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
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A Starfighter is a spaceworthy fighter plane.[1]

Maneuvering Systems[edit]

Basically, two components allow the starfighter to fly: acclivity rings to provide anti-gravitational force and boosters to provide acceleration. While accelerating, the G-force produced can easily crush the pilot, so starfighters are equipped with GravCaps, which can absorb it to an extent of several seconds.[clarification needed] Whether there is atmosphere makes significant difference in flying techniques. Although starfighters can fly in space, in atmosphere, they have atmospheric scoops to reduce wind resistance and wings to provide extra lift and maneuverability. [2]
Demonstration of how Atmospheric Scoop functions by Ben McSweeney

Weaponry Systems[edit]

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A destructor is an energy beam weapon, and the primary means to shoot down enemy vessels. One shot of it would be enough to take down a fighter if it hit the right spot, but it can be blocked by force-fields generated by shield igniters. Krell ships have both superior destructors and shields, so while it usually need six-nine shots to disable the shield of a Krell fighter, it requires only three for a DDF ship.[citation needed] However, DDF ships have two advantages: the light-lance used for grappling and IMP that can disable enemy shields.[expand]

A number of different starfighters are in production by the machines of Igneous Cavern:



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