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Type Spacecraft, DDF Ships
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

The Poco is a basic starfighter used by the DDF. Spensa's first ship was a Poco.

Spensa states that "they looked like glorified pencils with wings."[1] These are the ships recreated holographically in the Flight School's flight simulators.[1]


Pocos are equipped with Destructors, IMPs, Light-lances, shields, and a A-19 booster.[1][2] Other features include gravitational capacitors (GravCaps) and an acclivity ring.[1]

Pocos do not have a self-destruct function, but do have the capability to eject the pilot in case of crash.[1]

The Poco is stated to be a "basic but fast" model.[3] Standard fighting speed is Mag-1, and the maximum speed for a Poco is Mag-10,[4] with Mag being 300 miles per hour.[5]


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