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Titles Callsign: Wind That Mingles with a Man’s Dying Breath
Profession Superiority pilots
Groups Flowers of Night's Last Kiss Flight
Species Figment
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Starsight
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Luck is for those who cannot smell their path forward.


Vapor is a figment who lives on Starsight and who works for Cuna. Vapor may or may not be her actual name, but she requests that her flight call her that.[2][3]


Vapor was one of the many pilots who participated in a practice battle organized by Winzik to weed out less suitable pilots. She inhabited a small Krell drone during the battle. When Morrimur’s fighter was incapacitated and Spensa sent out a distress call, Vapor agreed to help as long as Spensa didn’t shoot her. At Spensa’s request, Vapor defended Morrimur from enemy ships as Spensa worked to remove a chunk of debris from Morrimur’s booster.[2]

After the test battle, Vapor was assigned to Spensa, Brade, and Hesho’s flight, and introduced herself to them.[4]


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