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Defiant League
United Defiant Caverns.jpeg
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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The Defiant League is the collection of cavern city-states which make up the human population of Detritus, the survivors of the Defiant fleet.[1] They named themselves Defiants after the flagship of their old fleet.[1] Not all humans that live on Detritus are part of the Defiant League, with some of the old clans continuing to rove the planet as nomads.[2]

The Defiant League consists of a number of caverns including Igneous Cavern, Vici Cavern, Bountiful Cavern, and the Deep caverns. The cave network is known as the United Defiant Caverns.[3]

Workers wear jumpsuits, with different colors denoting their professions.[1]

Prior to the Battle of Alta, the humans lived in small clans that populated different parts of the planet as larger groups could be detected by the Krell.[1] Each clan was made up of individuals that could trace their lineage back to a specific ship or crew from the Defiant's fleet.[1] After finding Igneous, some of these clans began to create starfighters and Alta Base was constructed. The defeat of the Krell at the Battle of Alta allowed for the many groups of humans on Detritus to join together forming the Defiant League.[1]


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