Bountiful Cavern

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Bountiful Cavern
Type Cave
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

Bountiful Cavern is a cavern on Detritus, near Igneous. The cavern was initially settled and populated by the crew of the Antioch gunship.[1] Despite its name, Bountiful Cavern is not responsible for food production.[1]

Kimmalyn's family lives in Bountiful Cavern and are descended from the original Antioch crew.[1] At least a portion of the caverns inhabitants are trained as gunners for the DDF, including Kimmalyn and her parents.[2][3] It is implied that the DDF keeps some sort of watch over the pool of gunners in Bountiful Cavern, as skill with the anti-airship (AA) guns can be transfer to a cockpit, making this cavern a good potential source for new pilots.[2] Kimmalyn's recruitment to the pilot program was highly talked about amongst the gunners of Bountiful Cavern, even after she dropped out from Flight School.[3]

Although those raised in Bountiful Cavern appear polite and mild mannered, they are good at subtle insults and jabs.[4] People from Bountiful Cavern have an accent distinct from the people of Igneous.[1] Kimmalyn often uses the phrase 'bless your stars' which may be used regularly by people this cavern. Kimmalyn's propensity to talk of the Saint may also be common within the cavern.


  • The phrase 'bless your stars', commonly used by Kimmalyn, is likely based on the southern US phrase, 'bless your heart'. Both phrases are used in a variety of circumstances to convey expressions that range from sincerity to mockery.


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