Battle of Alta

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Battle of Alta
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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The Battle of Alta took place above Alta Base when Spensa was seven years old.[1] Forty human starfighters participated, against one hundred Krell fighters, the largest force the Krell have ever sent against the humans. Of the participants, fourteen survived and twenty six (including Chaser) died.[2]


Prior to the Battle, Alta Base had been cloaked to hide it from the Krell, in an attempt to build up a defense force against the aliens using the machinery that had been found beneath the base in Igneous Cavern. The Krell, however, discovered the base and sent a large force to attack and destroy the humans. On the day of the battle, Chaser took his daughter Spensa to the surface of Detritus for the first time. When the Krell were spotted, Chaser was called to arms and left Spensa to find her way back to Detritus. Several pilots, including Banks and Swing, believed that the humans should surrender instead of fight, however, they were convinced otherwise by Chaser and Ironsides.

During the Battle, Chaser flew through the debris field that surrounded the planet, leaving him vulnerable to Krell influence. When he returned, he believed his fellow pilots to be Krell ships and attacked them. On Ironsides's orders, Chaser wingmate, Mongrel, shot him down.[2]

Despite Chaser's actions, the DDF won the battle, chasing off the Krell and saving Alta Base. Following the battle they removed the cloaking from Alta Base and further fortified their position.


Chaser's actions led to him being branded a coward. This was specifically engineered by Ironsides as she believed it better he be branded a coward than a traitor. While his flightmates did not know exactly why he had turned on them, Ironsides knew it to be related to his cytonic abilities, known by high level Defiant Cavern officials as the "defect". Her view of the defect changed entirely following the battle and when Chasers daughter Spensa tried to apply for Flight School, she refused her entry, by purposely giving Spensa an exam she could not complete. Spensa was eventually accepted into Flight School, with the help of Cobb, where she was able to rewatch the battle, learning the truth of her fathers actions.

Those who fought in the battle are called the First Citizens, and are given special privileges. This includes special quarters and influence, and their children are given a free entrance into Flight School should they decide to go.

Known Participants[edit]

Pilot Flight Notes
Callsign: Ironsides Hope Flight Flight leader[2]
Callsign: Chaser Hope Flight Hope 7, Coward of Alta[2]
Callsign: Mongrel Hope Flight Survivor[2]
Callsign: Rally Hope Flight Victim to Chaser[2]
Callsign: Antique Hope Flight Victim to Chaser[2]
Callsign: Banks unknown [1]
Callsign: Swing unknown [1]
Callsign: Broken Wind unknown One of the best pilots[3]
Jeshua Weight unknown [4]
Sousa unknown [5]
Strife unknown [5]
Nightingale unknown [5]
Admiral Heimline unknown [5]


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