Battle of Alta

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Battle of Alta
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
This page or section contains spoilers for Skyward!
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The Battle of Alta took place above Alta Base when Spensa was 7 years old. The participants in the battle are called the First Citizens, and are given special privileges, including special quarters and influence, and the children are given a free entrance into Flight School should they decide to take the test.


Forty human starfighters participated, against one hundred Krell fighters.

Pilot Flight Notes
Ironsides Hope Flight flight leader[1]
Chaser Hope Flight Hope 7, Coward of Alta[1]
Mongrel Hope Flight survivor[1]
Rally Hope Flight victim to Chaser[1]
Antique Hope Flight victim to Chaser[1]
Banks unknown [2]
Swing unknown [2]
Broken Wind unknown one of the best pilots[3]
unknown unknown Jeshua Weight[4]

Of the participants, 14 survived and 26 (including Chaser) died.[1]


The Battle of Alta occurred on the first day Spensa went up to the surface. It was also the battle in which Zeen Nightshade was fooled by the Krell and seemed to turn traitor, killing several of his flightmates as a result and officially being marked as a traitor.[citation needed]


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