Hope Flight

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Hope Flight
Leader Judy Ivans
Members Chaser, Cobb, Rally, Antique
Headquarters Alta Base
Type DDF flight
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward

Hope Flight is a group of DDF pilots and participates in the Battle of Alta.[1][2] There are eight members in the flight and Judy Ivans, callsign: Ironsides, is their flight leader. The other known members of are Chaser, Mongrel, Antique, and Rally.[1]

Hope Flight participated in, and helped win, the Battle of Alta. Prior to the battle, several DDF pilots, including Banks and Swing, believed that the humans should surrender instead of fight, however, they were convinced otherwise by Chaser and Ironsides.[3] It is unknown if either of these pilots were in Hope Flight.

During the Battle, Chaser flew through the debris field that surrounded the planet, leaving him vulnerable to Krell influence. When he returned, he believed his fellow pilots to be Krell ships and attacked them. On Ironsides's orders, Chaser wingmate, Mongrel, shot him down.[1]

Chaser's actions led to him being branded a coward. This was specifically engineered by Ironsides as she believed it better he be branded a coward than a traitor. While his flightmates did not know exactly why he had turned on them, Ironsides knew it to be related to his cytonic abilities, known by high level Defiant Cavern officials as the "defect".

The surviving members of the Flight were awarded the rank of First Citizen's for their participation in the battle and are given special privileges, including special quarters and influence.[1] The children of the First Citizen's gain automatic entry to Flight School and do not need to sit the entrance exam.


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