Judy Ivans

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Judy Ivans
Titles Admiral, Callsign: Ironsides
Skills Pilot
Groups DDF
World Detritus
Featured In Skyward
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I'm not sure I'd wish this command on [the pilots I used to fly with]. Not even the ones I hated.
—Admiral Judy "Ironsides" Ivans on her position as the head of the DDF[1]

Admiral Judy Ivans (Callsign: Ironsides) is the leader of the DDF.[2] She is a First Citizen, and fought in the Battle of Alta. After Chaser's actions during the Battle of Alta, she is terrified of another person with the "defect" (the brain condition that grants access to Cytonic abilities) becoming a pilot and does everything in her power to prevent that from happening.[3] To that end, she tries to keep Spensa out of Flight School,[4] but does not have the authority to stop Cobb from adding her to his class.[5] However, in an effort to make life so difficult that Spensa gives up and quits, she issues an order barring Spensa from using any of the Flight School's facilities, including the mess hall and dormitories.

She is continually frustrated by the National Assembly Leaders denial of the existence of the "defect,"[3] removing their children--some of the top pilots--from the DDF,[6] and refusal to send up their private ships to aid the DDF during Krell attacks.[7]


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