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Profession Doctor
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

Dr. Thior is a doctor and the head of Alta Base medical for the Defiant Defense Force.[1][2][3][4]

She is an advocate for pilot mental health and in her role as head of medical pushes for, and successfully implements, initiatives such as counseling and mandatory leave for pilots after the loss of flight members. Cobb agrees with Dr. Thior's overall sentiment, as well as some of her suggestions, however, he believes that she doesn't fully understand what is and isn't helpful for grieving pilots. Overall, he thinks of her as a good person.[2][3]

Dr. Thior does not believe that the defect exists and has strongly advocated against the removal of Spensa from Flight School based on the brain readings taken using the probes in Spensa's helmet.[4] Dr. Thior has offered alternative explanations for these readings, however, it is not currently known what alternatives she has suggested.[4] She is supported strongly by Jorgen's father Algernon Weight, as well as other political figures.[4] On Ironsides' orders, Dr. Halbeth -- a proponent of the defect -- condemns Dr. Thior's explanations of Spensa's readings.[4]

After the death of their teammate, Hurl, Dr. Thior orders the members of Skyward Flight to take a weeks worth of medical leave.[5] Additionally, after being tipped off that Spensa was being denied the right to food and accomodation at Alta Base, Dr. Thior caused a commotion, leading Ironsides to remove the restrictions that had been placed on Spensa, giving her full cadet privileges. It is likely that Cobb was the one who tipped off Dr. Thior.[3]


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