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Ohz Burtim Winzik
Titles Minster of Protective Services
Groups Department of Protective Services
Species Varvax
World Starsight
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Ohz Burtim Winzik is a varvax who lives on Starsight and the head of the Superiority's Department of Protective Services.[1][2]


The Fighter Program[edit]

Both Winzik and Cuna devised the fighter program to deal with the delvers. However, they had different methods of going about it. Winzik had his own secret agenda, wanting to control the delvers to threaten other planets with them to keep them in line, while Cuna wanted to more fully integrate "lesser" species into the Superiority.[3]

My my, so aggressive. Emissary, do you know the danger you pose to us? To your own people? Do you know that by doing what you do, you could cause great destruction?

—Winzik to Spensa upon learning of her cytonic abilities[1]

When Spensa arrived on Starsight for the new pilot training program, Winzik met her, along with Cuna and Brade. Winzik had Brade check Spensa for cytonic abilities, and Winzik then told Spensa about the regulations on cytonics on Starsight. Spensa agreed to the rules.[1] When the prospective pilots were trying out for the new fighter force, Winzik was there to give a speech and personally oversee the tryouts. He gave Spensa a temporary identification number when she didn't have one, and briefly tried to discourage her from participating in the trial.[4] Winzik detailed the rules of the practice battle, and told them to drop out if they felt excessive amounts of aggression or recklessness during the fight. The drones they used in the fight used live fire, and twelve ships were destroyed during the exercise. Several of the pilots were furious, and one burl, Gul'zah, angrily shouted at Winzik. Winzik calmly reprimanded Gul'zah for their aggression, and the burl was taken away by dione security members.[5]

All right, everyone! Welcome and thank you for your service! We at the Department of Protective Services are very excited to be training this new bold force. You will be our first line of defense against a danger that has loomed above the Superiority for its entire existence.

—Winzik to the members of the delver program[6]

Winzik also directed the new pilots as they first trained on the delver maze. When Spensa called him to ask about the images she was seeing in the maze, Winzik replied that they didn't truly know how the maze worked, since they didn't design it.[7] When the Department of Protective Services came under fire for not keeping the humans on Detritus well contained, Winzik insisted that the extent of the humans' strength was exaggerated.[2] The training of the pilots in the delver program continued, and numerous Superioirty officials showed up to watch one day. Winzik made the challenges more difficult for Spensa's flight, wanting to show off Brade's skill to the officials.[8] It was revealed during that day of training how Winzik planned to deal with delvers. Brade had been training to divert delvers, and Winzik's plan was to direct an oncoming delver towards an enemy planet, using the pilots in the delver program as a diversionary force. His first target was planned to be Detritus.[9]

Attack on Detritus[edit]

Your job will be to destroy their forces. This should prove to be an excellent display of why the Superiority needs a more active and well-trained defense force.

—Winzik to his group of pilots[10]

After weeks of exercises and training, Winzik ordered all of his pilots to report to the Weights and Measures for an attack on Detritus, intending to finish the humans off once and for all.[10] When Spensa revealed her nature as a human to Brade, Brade immediately yelled and told Winzik. As Spensa escaped towards Detritus, Winzik diverted forces to chase her down. Winzik broadcasted his attack to the people back on Starsight, planning to bring a delver to Detritus and destroy the humans completely. With the humans growing stronger and freer, they would make him and his department look inept. So he intended to solidify his reputation and his strength.[11] While the fight was occurring, he also ordered Spensa's embassy raided, and M-Bot was stripped down and mostly destroyed.[12] He had Brade scream repeatedly into the nowhere, agitating the delvers and causing one to arrive.[13]

Winzik's plan failed after Spensa redirected the delver to Starsight, and eventually sent it back to the nowhere.[14] Trials were arranged for Winzik, with conflicting views in the Superioirty government about his actions. He still had some support, and he claimed that the humans had summoned the delver to Detritus, and that Morriumur was a hero. Many, including Cuna, didn't believe him.[12]

Military Coup[edit]

I have been warning about this threat for months, and have been disregarded. The humans should never have been allowed to fester. All these years, the high minister and the Department of Species Integration tied my hands, preventing me from doing what needed to be done.

—Winzik on a broadcast during his coup[15]

While Cuna was visiting Spensa in the hospital, Winzik staged a military coup on Starsight. He had his soldiers try and capture Cuna and Spensa, but Spensa managed to hide Cuna and escape the hospital. Winzik saw Spensa as a threat, and wanted her killed. After Brade blew up a Superiority transport on what was likely Winzik's orders, Winzik made it sound like Spensa had gone rogue, killing Minister Cuna and shooting at civilians. He used this as evidence to say that the humans really were the dangerous monsters he'd always said they were. He petitioned for a state of emergency to be declared, and for himself to be given the power to eliminate the humans.[15]

He presumably received those powers soon after, for after the humans were discovered to have a second cytonic, he sent a Superiority battleship with a planetary weapon to destroy Detritus.[16] The gambit failed however, after Detritus' Engineering Corps managed to get the shield up around the planet.[17] Winzik's coup had forced Cuna and several of their assistants to flee Starsight, hiding at the research outpost of Sunreach[18] Winzik sent a force of ships to besiege Cuna's position, but Cuna and their assistants were rescued by Skyward Flight.[19]

Other Schemes[edit]

Winzik soon became involved with the politics of ReDawn. He demanded that the UrDail hand over the humans he thought they were harboring. He suspected that they had been working directly with Spensa.[20] Winzik backed the Unity faction on ReDawn, and sent a Superiority shuttle with a cytonic inhibitor to help capture Alanik. In addition, his forces helped round up and capture pilots in the Independence faction.[21] Once the Independence leader, Rinakin, was captured, Winzik used stolen holographic technology from M-Bot to replace him with an imposter, who publicly sided with the Superiority.[22]

Around the same time, Winzik initiated supposed peace talks with the National Assembly on Detritus. In return for a halt to hostilities, he wanted the humans to turn over their cytonics for "training". He also demanded that the humans turn over their taynix.[23] During one of the peace talks, Winzik had Admiral Cobb replaced by an imposter, again using the stolen holographic technology.[24]

Winzik's plans for ReDawn, the actions of Alanik and Skyward Flight breaking the Unity faction's and the Superiority's control on ReDawn.[24] Though his ploy on ReDawn failed, the National Assembly back on Detritus agreed to Winzik's terms, and brought Cuna and Becca Nightshade to a Superiority ship for a last peace talk. Jeshua Weight, along with many other members of the National Assembly, came to the ship as well. Winzik had them locked into a room on the ship, and set a bomb on the ship to blow them up. Though Skyward Flight figured out Winzik's scheme and rescued Cuna, Cobb, and Gran-Gran, the captive members of the National Assembly were blown up by the bomb.[25]

When members of Skyward Flight went to Evershore to meet with the kitsen and retrieve Gran-Gran and Cobb, Winzik sent a large force to attack Evershore in retribution. The ships attacked the cities directly, mainly the capital of Dreamspring, the attack including a lifebuster. However, his attack was foiled when Jorgen and Rig managed to hyperjump the entire planet of Detritus to Evershore to join the fight.[26]

I am the noise that end that pain. I can round up every cytonic in the galaxy. I can make it so none of them ever bother you again. Never... corrupt you again.

—Winzik's promise to the delvers[27]

Despite his previous failures, Winzik continued his plans to use the Delvers. He communicated with the delvers, speaking cytonically through Brade. He offered a deal with them, saying that if they helped him solidify his position of power, only attacking where he wanted, he would get rid of all the cytonics annoying them.[27] Spensa cytonically eavesdropped on the first conversation with the delvers, and Winzik and Brade tricked her the next time. Brade and Spensa clashed, generating a lot of cytonic noise. Winzik used this to demonstrate his point further, and the delvers agreed to his proposition.[28] Winzik first tested out the delvers by having one attack an unpopulated planet, in case he didn't have a full hold on them.[29]


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