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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of Evershore. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.


Plot Summary

The day of his graduation from Flight School, his father talks with him and examines his graduation uniform. His father tells him how proud he is, but Jorgen doesn’t feel very excited, knowing that many of his friends aren’t graduating. Jeshua arrives, and Jorgen tells his parents what they want to hear, meanwhile thinking about his days as a pilot to come.

Chapter 1[edit]

Plot Summary

Seven months later, Jorgen is on Wandering Leaf with the rest of Skyward Flight, watching the remnants of the ship’s explosion. Jorgen takes them back to Platform Prime using a taynix, trying to contain his anger and grief. They arrive on Platform Prime, and march into the command center. Jorgen explains what happened with the fake Cobb, though he doesn’t have any proof of it. Jorgen shouts at Vice Admiral Stoff, saying that Skyward Flight needs to finalize their alliance with the UrDail, and go find Cobb. Jorgen asserts that Cobb is still technically in command, and that Skyward Flight were the last people to receive orders from the real Cobb. Alanik keeps trying to locate Cobb cytonically, but with no luck.

Chapter 2[edit]

Plot Summary

Two days later, Alanik still hasn’t been able to find Gran-Gran and Cobb. Alanik and Jorgen discuss allocation of pilots between ReDawn and Detritus, and what happened to Gran-Gran and Cobb. Cuna wonders if they were killed somehow, but Jorgen asserts that they are alive. Jorgen offers to help Alanik with searching for Gran-Gran, and they leave to a different room, Alanik saying that the conference room’s chairs are too square.

Chapter 3[edit]

Plot Summary

Alanik takes Jorgen to a room where she has a special UrDail chair set up, which was placed there at Arturo’s suggestion. Alanik guides jorgen through searching with his cytonic senses, teaching him to listen for people instead of looking. Jorgen thinks the concept strange, but obeys. She gives him instructions, but says that intuition will be his greatest asset. Jorgen thinks about the nature of his abilities as he searches, and wishes he could hear Spensa. Jorgen has some success in hearing a weather report, which encourages him. After further concentration, Jorgen suddenly hears a voice calling out to Spensa, asking her to respond. It says that it is the Swims Upstream, and that they have their humans and want to return them. The voice introduces herself as Kauri of the kitsen, and asks to be put in touch with Spensa. Jorgen decides to talk with Cuna and Stoff to decide what to do.

Chapter 4[edit]

Plot Summary

Jorgen and Alanik go to visit Stoff in his office, and inform him of Kauri’s communication. Stoff says that he’d like to speak to them using the hypercomm, and Jorgen says that they should try to make an alliance with the kitsen, again using Cobb’s authority to back up his proposal. Stoff agrees to let Jorgen take point, and Jorgen and Alanik go to inform Cuna of the communication. Cuna thinks that the communication is authentic, and agrees to join them as they talk with Kauri again. Thirty minutes later, Jorgen, Alanik, Stoff, Cuna, and three others gather in the conference room to speak with Kauri via hypercomm. Kauri tells them that two humans hyperjumped to their planet a few days ago, and that the kitsen stole a Superiority hypercomm to try and contact Spensa. Alanik quests out with her senses, but doesn’t feel Gran-Gran anywhere near the broadcast’s source. Kauri reports that the humans are unconscious, though their medical experts aren’t sure how to treat them. She describes the two humans, who match Gran-Gran and Cobb’s appearance. Kauri invites the humans to come to the kitsen planet and come retrieve their humans for medical attention. Stoff gives his permission for Jorgen, Alanik, and Skyward Flight to go.

Chapter 5[edit]

Plot Summary

Skyward Flight hyperjumps to Evershore, which is massive and covered with water. As the flight and the medical transport make their approach, Kauri greets them over the radio and welcomes them to Evershore. She tells them to meet her at the Burrow from Which Springs Dreams Both Sweet and Sorrowful, and sends them the coordinates. They land on an island, where a kitsen ship waits. Kauri and her flight exit the ship, and they exchange introductions. Jorgen let FM take the lead in the diplomatic matters, calling her their diplomatic specialist. Another starship arrives, covered in guns. The captain of the ship, Goro, exits and tells the humans to halt their invasion and leave the planet. Hana, one of Kauri’s companions, apologizes for Goro’s aggression and explains the kitsen’ s history with the humans. Goro demands that one of the humans come forth and fight his champion to the death in a duel. FM tries to calm Goro down, saying that they come in peace. Kauri mediates the confrontation, saying that they should consult the kitsen senate and see if they want to hear the humans out. Goro declares a feast, which is kitsen tradition to do before a duel.

Chapter 6[edit]

Plot Summary

The group goes up to the city of Dreamspring, and Jorgen leaves the taynix behind in their boxes. As they walk through the city, Jorgen sees that the humans are giants to the kitsen, who are largely oblivious to the war against the Superiority. Jorgen feels guilty for bringing conflict to Evershore, and many of the kitsen are suspicious of them. Jorgen has Kauri take them to Gran-Gran and Cobb, and Alanik can’t feel any cytonic signal from Gran-Gran, and they wonder what is happening. They decide to wait until after the senate meeting before leaving with Cobb and Gran-Gran.

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