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World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Designation MB-1021, also known as M-Bot, is a sentient artificial intelligence installed inside a stealth-equipped starfighter, that classifies itself as a "robotic ship integration" and a "long distance reconnaissance and recovery ship."[1] The ship is found by Spensa in a cavern about thirty minutes walk from Alta.

M-Bot's data banks were corrupted, but it remembers its last pilot, named Commander Spears. The only information M-Bot could find was a command from Spears: "Lie low, M-Bot. Take stock, don't get into any fights, and wait for me here."[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

M-Bot's ship design is almost entirely foreign to Spensa, who was very surprised by this at first, as she had memorized every DDF ship model.[2] The only exception are the controls - a control sphere for the pilot's right hand, as well as a throttle and altitude levers for the left, all exactly as the ones Spensa is familiar with from the DDF ships; the dashboard full of buttons is similar to the ones used by the DDF, but much more complex[3][4] Once M-Bot is activated, he informs her that he has been deactivated for 172 years[1]; well before the Defiant crashed on Detritus. M-Bot appears to be slightly larger than a DDF Poco or even a Largo, despite being not quite as long.

The AI strives to be accommodating towards standard human interaction, a reason it named itself M-Bot instead of calling itself MB-1021. M-Bot often attempts to express emotion, explaining that while he cannot actually feel emotions, his subroutines allow him to respond properly. M-bot is highly talkative.

The only memory bank that is not corrupted is a database for recording fungoid life forms on Detritus.

M-Bot does not like Rig as much as it likes Spensa.[5] The feeling is mutual.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

According to himself, M-Bot is a stealth ship,[1] therefore he is able to hide from scanners, hack into computer systems, and project holographic images. He is also equipped with many other technologies superior to DDF fighters, though most were non-functional or absent when Spensa discovered him. These include:

  • space for up to four Destructors, two on each wing* (Destructors not included)[1]
  • a light-lance turret underneath his main body*[1]
  • a cytonic hyperdrive*
  • an IMP generator*
  • advanced air scoops
  • advanced Gravcaps (Capable of absorbing up to 60% of g's, with a maximum of well over 100 g's)[6]
  • gyroscopic internal cockpit
  • full life support systems
  • cleansing tube
  • stealth systems
  • self diagnostics
  • advanced shielding systems (which can absorb six-nine Krell shots, three more than a poco)
  • self repair
  • increased speed durability (capable of going up to at least Mag-20 in atmosphere).[7]
  • thruster systems*
  • maneuverability thrusters
  • cytonic processing (which Spensa can sense)[6]
  • advanced holographic projection
  • short range scanners (short range according to M-Bot, but not short range by DDF standards)[8]

*M-bot can activate most of these systems himself, but systems marked with an asterisk he has no physical access to other than for diagnostic purposes[4]

M-Bot is also sentient,[9] and can easily hack most DDF wireless communications, as well as Krell databases. He can also reprogram himself to alter and improve his emotional responses.[1]


At some point, M-Bot's pilot Spears landed on Detritus and hid his ship before abandoning it. He is presumed dead by M-Bot, as 172 years have passed. During the years, M-Bot had followed the last words of his pilot and hidden himself inside a cave, covering himself with 3D holograms of rocks until his backup power supply ran out.[10] [expand]

When Spensa discovered M-Bot, the ship's wings were falling off and its power matrix was completely drained.[2] She started repairing the ship, scavenging parts between her time at Flight School. After trying on a power matrix from an old water heater to no avail, she stole a battery from Jorgen Weight's hovercar. She powered on the ship and was surprised to discover M-Bot's personality.[11] She enlisted her friend Rig, who then joined the Engineering Corps, where he could get the knowledge and parts needed to repair M-bot.[1] Rig fixed most of M-bot's systems as well as his battered hull and wings. Finally, Spensa asked Jorgen to help her steal the booster from the wreckage of Hurl's starfighter and made M-bot fully functional.[12][expand]

Spensa suspected that M-bot was a Krell ship since such technology was not possessed by humans, to which M-bot responded by writing a vocal aggression subroutine to express his anger. Though M-bot admitted that with most of his memories lost, he couldn't deny that it wasn't a possibility. Spensa dismissed this thought later on, as most of M-bot's design and systems resemble those of humans.

During one of Spensa's flight classes, M-Bot hacked into DDF's system and chatted with her. M-Bot utilized his analyzing ability to help her further advance in her flying techniques, though sometimes Spensa found it distracting to have M-bot talking to her.

However, after having a cruise with Spensa, M-bot realized that going like this, he would eventually go against his orders and get discovered or become engaged in a fight. Out of fear, he shut himself down and refuse to respond to Spensa.

During the Second Battle of Alta, Spensa's ship was shot down. But M-bot appeared just in time, explaining that he had made a subroutine to hack himself and make Spensa his pilot. Since M-Bot had no Destructors, he and Spensa tried to lure the Krell ships away. M-bot's superior performance and Spensa's exceptional piloting drew away a dozen Krell fighters, who always attack the best pilot. They dodged many attacks, turning the tide of the battle. However, when DDF finally shot down the bomber carrying the Lifebuster, it was already in range of destroying Alta Base. Using a Light-lance, they carried the bomb out of the death zone but also put themselves in the place of sure death. At the last moment, Spensa activated the cytonic hyperdrive. They performed FTL travel and escaped from the explosion unharmed. Spensa then spotted an opening in the debris field and flew out, in hope of discovering the truth about Detritus. While they were flying through the debris, the Krell interfered with Spensa's mind using an unknown technology or cytonic power, trying to overwrite her vision. Presumably, this is the same force that caused Spensa's father to attack his flight mates a decade ago. M-bot was able to block the signal, which returned Spensa to normal. Though the Krell intended to inspect M-bot since it was different from DDF fighters, Spensa managed to escape through the debris field and back to Alta Base. During the encounter, M-bot hacked into a small part of Krell database and they brought back crucial intelligence of humanity's situation.[13][14]

When Alanik and her ship crash on Detritus, she gives Spensa coordinates to the location of Starsight. M-Bot then projects a holographic image on his exterior to match that of Alanik's ship. He also projects an image on Spensa to give her Alanik's appearance. Spensa then uses the coordinates given to her by Alanik to make an FTL jump with M-Bot to Starsight.

Once M-Bot and Spensa arrive at Starsight they are permitted to land. Afterwards, Spensa leaves M-Bot to meet with Superiority officials. The next day Spensa and M-Bot travel to a smaller space station to compete in a practice drill.

The practice drill turns out to be much more violent then M-Bot and Spensa expect, involving real destructor fire from Superiority drones. M-Bot and Spensa manage to fare well and soon decide to help some of the other pilots including Morriumur and the kitsen. They also convince the figment, Vapor, to override the computer systems of a Superiority drone to help them.

M-Bot and Doomslug are left behind on Starsight when Spensa performs FTL travel which takes her to Detritus, in order to stop the invasion.

Later, when Spensa wakes up in a hospital bed and is attacked, she finds M-Bot in a destroyed state, with the CPU broken. He then reveals that he has copied his programming into the drone body - he had methodically reprogrammed himself, in tiny installments of half a line at a time, to give him the ability to copy his programming.

M-Bot shows Spensa the news report about her, where Winzik frames her as an aggressor, before they run and she takes M-Bot and Doomslug into the nowhere.


  • M-Bot was Brandon's favorite character to write in Skyward.[15]
  • M-Bot claims the 'M' in his name stands for mushrooms. Spensa disagrees, believing it stands for massacre.[16]
  • M-Bot created a theory on why he thinks humans act very erratically: The Greater Argument for Human Originated Chaos or GAFHOC. He wrote 7000 pages on the theory. However, most of the content is just 'humans are weird' repeated 3,756,932 times.[17]


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