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Broadsider Faction
Universe Cytoverse
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The Broadsider Faction is one of the six pirate factions in the belt of the nowhere. They are a somewhat ragtag group, with under twenty members and nine starfighters. They stole their ships from the Superiority.[1] They are split up into flights, including Cutlass Flight and Flintlock Flight.[2]

The Broadsider territory is a wedge of the belt tapering inward, bordered by other pirate factions on either side. Their territory ends at the Superiority-controlled area.[3] Their territory shares a border with the Cannonade Faction, with the Broadsider base being fairly close to the border.[4] Their territory is home to two portals that are steps on the Path of Elders.[5][6] The Broadsiders have thoroughly searched the ruins surrounding the portal for salvage, but aren’t aware of the portal’s significance.[6]


The Broadsiders have a miss-matched assortment of spacecraft, including at least two modified civilian ships, at least two purposefully made combat fighters, and a heavily armored shuttle. They spend a large amount of time maintaining their ships, figuring out how to make replacement part out of salvage material.[3] They have a long range scanner, a rare find. It allows them to spot enemy craft entering its radius and give them advance warning.[3] They use nonlethal destructors like the other groups in the nowhere, so their destructors will cause the enemy ship to power down and lock up.[7]



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