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World Unknown
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Lie low, M-Bot. Take stock, don’t get into any fights, and wait for me here.

—Commander Spears' final orders to M-Bot[1]

Commander Spears is M-Bot's previous pilot.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

In M-Bot's projection, Spears appears as a clean-cut, young-looking man with tan skin, and wears a crisp uniform Spensa doesn't recognize.[1]

Spears was likely acutely aware of the dangers associated with artificial intelligence, as M-Bot assumes Spears to be the one who severely limited his functions and capabilities.[2]

As Spears went to Detritus in search of the taynix, it can be assumed he does not have cytonic abilities.[3]


One hundred and seventy two years before M-Bot is found by Spensa, Commander Spears traveled to Detritus in search of taynix slugs where,[3] for some reason, he deactivated M-Bot.[1]



Due to his damaged memory banks, M-Bot remembers nothing of Spears or their history together, besides his name, appearance, and final command.[1] As M-Bot has no knowledge of the Krell, it seems likely that neither did Spears,[1] however, Spears was likely aware of the Superiority.


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