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Abilities Cytonics
World Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Lie low, M-Bot. Take stock, don’t get into any fights, and wait for me here.

—Commander Spears' final orders to M-Bot[1]

Commander Spears is M-Bot's previous pilot, and a cytonic. He has the ability to extend his life using cytonics, and likely had other abilities as well. However, he cannot hyperjump.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

In M-Bot's projection, Spears appears as a clean-cut, young-looking man with tan skin, and wears a crisp uniform Spensa doesn't recognize.[1]

Spears was likely acutely aware of the dangers associated with artificial intelligence, as M-Bot assumes Spears to be the one who severely limited his functions and capabilities.[3]


One hundred and seventy two years before M-Bot is found by Spensa, Commander Spears traveled to Detritus in search of taynix slugs where,[4] for some reason, he deactivated M-Bot.[1] He disappeared into the nowhere at some point after. He lived in the nowhere for hundreds of years, using his cytonic abilities to extend his life. He tried to escape through the lightburst, but he was unpracticed with his powers and the delvers destroyed him. Afterward, the delver known as Chet made a body based off of his form to disguise himself as a human.[2]



Due to his damaged memory banks, M-Bot remembers nothing of Spears or their history together, besides his name, appearance, and final command.[1] As M-Bot has no knowledge of the Krell, it seems likely that neither did Spears,[1] however, Spears was likely aware of the Superiority.


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