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Solitary Shadow
Region Nowhere
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

We call it the Solitary Shadow. It is the last stop on your quest.

The Solitary Shadow is a portal in the nowhere, a name likely given to it by the delvers. It is located on a flat, desolate fragment, very close to the lightburst. It is roughly a three hour flight from Surehold at a medium speed, and about an hour away from the lightburst with a ship’s thrusters on overburn.[1][2] It is the last step on the Path of Elders, and holds the memories and secrets of the delvers, showing how they were created. Like other portals, the memories can be accessed by approaching the portal and reaching out with one’s cytonic senses.[3]

Like other portals, Solitary Shadow is a stone rectangular structure, like a monolith. It has strange, sinuous markings etched into the stone, similar to ones found on the walls of Detritus’s caverns. Because of its proximity to the lightburst, and due to the lack of other structures on the flat, empty fragment, Solitary Shadow casts a large shadow, which extends hundreds of meters. It is difficult to see anything within this shadow.[3]

Solitary Shadow is visited by Chet, Spensa, M-Bot, and Hesho, though Hesho doesn’t view the memories with the others.[3]


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