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World Unknown
Featured In Skyward, Defending Elysium
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Technology is limited. Only the mind is infinite.
Varvax saying

Cytonics is a set of psionic abilities used, among others, by Jason Write, Spensa Nightshade, and Edmund.[1][2]

Cytonics refers to several abilities powered by the living mind. Some of these abilities have been shown to be able to be augmented by electronics and shared to population that doesn't possess them. The cytonic abilities mentioned in the story include Sense, FTL communication, Mind Blades and FTL transport. All alien races that have contacted humankind possess cytonic abilities, and have, in fact, developed them before the advanced technology. However, many advanced Cytonic devices, like the FTL transmitter, do not work without a technological half.


The precursor for Cytonics was originally developed as an attempt to create cybernetic-based telepathic linking, named Cyto. While the original attempts did not work as intended, they were sufficient to attract the attention of alien Tenasi. Presumably, more advanced knowledge about what came to be named Cytonics was received from the aliens.



The ability to "see" the world with supernatural senses. Jason Write uses it to perceive the light as vibrations, black being calm, white light being a "quiet buzz in his mind". This allows him to get a clear picture of the world despite his blindness, though it takes certain level of conscious effort.

FTL communication

The original reason Cytonics was developed, an advanced FTL communication network that connects the whole of humanity is powered by a single Phone Company operative with developed Cytonic abilities, and is mediated by cybernetic equipment. Cytonic users can communicate without help of the electronic equipment, but the range that they can communicate without technological support is unknown. [3]

Mind Blades
As fast as the bullets were, however, Jason’s mind was faster. He whipped out, a dozen invisible mindblades slashing through the air. The force of his attack slapped the bullets backward as well as sliced each one in two.
—Defending Elysium

Blades of force, formed by the mind of the user. Can be used to cut through any solid objects, but can be Sensed and blocked by other Mind Blades.

FTL transport
Jason focused on himself. He didn’t raise any mindblades. Instead, he Sensed inward. He felt his own vibration in his Sense, a cool black-clothed creature. So different than the boy he had once been. The boy had been stupefied, made immobile, by his horror. Jason was no longer that boy. With a scream, he felt the mindblades descend around him, and he threw himself willingly into the darkness.
— Defending Elysium

Ability possessed by all advanced alien races, and developed, but kept secret by human Jason Write, and possibly other PC operatives. It involves Sensing inwards on yourself and removing yourself from normal space, apparently moving through a different dimension to reappear at a different point in normal space possibly light-years away in seconds. M-Bot has a Cytonic hyperdrive.

Mind Swap

It is possible that the mind swaps between two bodies, performed in Defending Elysium, was also achieved with advanced Cytonics.

Cytonic suppression

A Cytonic device that allows suppression of Cytonic abilities in the individual.

Known Cytonics Users[edit]

Speculated Cytonics Users[edit]


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