Evershore (planet)

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Evershore (planet)
Ruler Hesho's grandmother (former), Hesho (former)
Universe Cytoverse
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Evershore is the native planet of the kitsen. The planet's actual name is Den of Everlasting Light Which Laps Gently upon the Shores of Time, but the Superiority shortened the name to Evershore. It is a very large, and appears bluish-white from space. A large percentage of Evershore's surface is water, with civilization flourishing on a variety of islands.[1] Historically, it was ruled by a hereditary monarch, however, this political system is replaced by a democracy during the rule of King Hesho, so that the kitsen people have the opportunity to become primary citizens in the Superiority.


During the planet's steel age, the cytonics of the kitsen people, whom they called shadow-walkers, disappeared, likely after a war between the kitsen and humans. It is implied that the kitsen cytonics may have sided with the humans due to prejudice's held by the general kitsen population. The disappearance of the kitsen shadow-walkers led to the race being stranded on their planet for centuries. At some point, attitudes towards this group switched and the kitsen people began trying to find their lost brethren and bring them home. Their attempts, however, were in vain, and the kitsen cytonics were never found.[2][3][4]

At some point, the planet was discovered by the Superiority and the kitsen people were offered citizenship. Prior to the Superiority's arrival, there was a population of taynix on the planet, but the Superiority quickly exterminated them to keep the secret of their cytonic hyperdrives.[5] During the reign of Hesho's grandmother, the kitsen people tried to steal several Superiority ships so that they could learn the secret of hyperjumping and not be reliant on Superiority technology to be able to leave their planet. The plan was a failure and the kitsen's citizenship was revoked, limiting their travel and ability to trade.[4]


At some point, the kitsen made contact with the humans of Earth and set up trade deals with the peoples of East Asia. This alliance broke down either because of, or after, the war between the kitsen and the humans, as the kitsen cytonics vanished, preventing any further contact between the two civilizations.[3]

For centuries this world has been ruled by a hereditary monarchy that borders on a dictatorship. Under the reign of King Hesho, this system was replaced with a democracy, heavily influenced by a shadow dictatorship, in order to gain citizenship for the kitsen people in the Superiority, as well as access to hyperdrives.[3]


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