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Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
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Detritus is a once-abandoned planet surrounded in a multi-layer artificial shell. It is home to the descendants of the crew of the Defiant, one of the last surviving human spaceships. Chased through space by the alliance of aliens opposed to human conquest, Spensa's great-grandmother guided the Defiant onto Detritus as her dying act.[1] Since landing, the planet has become a prison for humans.[2] The population of the Defiant and it's fleet have been trapped on the planet for seventy five years.[3] Most of the population is gathered in the caverns near the initial landing site of the fleet, though there are enclaves all over the planet.[4]

Detritus's debris field has old guns that still are functional and will shoot down any large ship that gets too close, making it so that only small, maneuverable ships can get through. The shielding was known to interfere with communication, though it is unknown if this refers to Cytonics messages or normal radio signals.[5]

The planet was inhabited by other humans before, though it wasn't called Detritus during that time.[6] Later on, the planet was known about but avoided.[5]

Detritus is smaller than Earth.[4] It is a blue-grey color.[7] The planet does not have any oceans.[8]

The rats inhabiting the caverns are not native, and were there before the Defiants crashed on it.[6]


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