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Abilities Cytonics
Species Delver
World Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Just so you all know, I’m secretly a monster from outside space and time.


Chet Starfinder is a delver. He assembles a body for himself, modeling it after the body and personality of Commander Spears, M-Bot’s old pilot.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Chet modeled his body to look like that of Spears. He wears a flight jacket and combat trousers. He appears to be in his fifties[2], and has silvering hair.[3] He is square jawed, muscular for his age, and with a large mustache that sticks out a good fifteen centimeters on either side.[2]

It’s in the persona, you understand. I…I must see myself as a hero, the gentleman explorer, beloved and trusted. Because if I’m not that, well…Well then… That is all I have left of what I once was. Those dreams, those aspirations.

—Chet to Spensa[4]

Chet has a flair for the dramatic, and likes to cultivate the air of a gentlemanly explorer. He likes bold action and daring plans, though a lot of it is bravado.[2] He mainly keeps up a confident persona, though sometimes lets his guard down with Spensa.[4]


Chet was the delver that Brade summoned outside Detritus.[1] Spensa sent the delver to Starsight to save Detritus. Afterward, Spensa went to the heart of the delver maze, where she showed Chet that the buzzing noises were in fact people with families, hopes, and dreams. The delver was horrified and left back to the nowhere.[5]

Chet was changed, and in the eyes of the other delvers, corrupted. They wanted to destroy him. When Spensa entered the nowhere, he hid himself by taking the form of Commander Spears, thinking that Spensa would trust someone from her past.[1] When Spensa entered the nowhere and was captured by the Cannonade Faction, Chet rescued her and offered to act as her guide in the nowhere.[2] They decided to walk the Path of Elders, and Chet explained a lot of how the nowhere works to Spensa.[6]


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