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Type Watercraft
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

The Not-ilus is a raft created by Spensa and Chet while in the belt of the nowhere. They create the main body of the raft from two wooden doors they got from a building they find. They find several large nuts that are slightly bigger than a human’s head and similar to coconuts, and make cords from the stringy pulp, which they dry. They lash the doors together with the cords, and lash the hollowed-out nuts to the bottom of the raft. Because the nuts are watertight and filled with air, it allows the raft to float well.[1]

M-Bot is impressed with the raft, and compliments its structural integrity and remarkable buoyancy. While in the belt of the nowhere, Spensa and Chet use the Not-ilus to cross a fragment that is covered with water.[1]


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