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Died 83 LD, in battle[1]
Titles Callsign: Hurl[2]
Profession DDF pilots
Residence Igneous Cavern
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward

Hudiya (Callsign: Hurl) is a cadet in DDF Flight School. She was the wingmate of Spensa before she died in her ship, Skyward Three.[3] [1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

When Hurl first shows up to Flight School, Spensa describes her as athletic and looking as if she owned the school. She wore a DDF uniform jacket over her jumpsuit casually with a ponytail. [3] Hurl is aggressive and dislikes being under someone's leadership. She would rather die than be called a coward.


Hurl was a regular Defiant from Igneous Cavern.[3] She was just one of Skyward Flight for the beginning of the story, one who laughed and joked, and was overall fairly normal. When Jorgen revealed the Spensa's father was Chaser, she treated Spensa worse, shunning her and trying not to interact with her. Later, Spensa secretly spends the night with the girls, who were pretending to be sick. At this point in the story, we discover that Hurl is very athletic, making references to her lifting weights, and her playing sports. She reveals later that night that she no longer doesn't want to be around Spensa, after seeing her fly straight into the falling debris after Nedd. She tells Spensa that only your decisions matter, not your parents. Her and Spensa made a pact, telling each other they would be "Brave to the end". Further on, she tries to find out about Spensa's life as they practice, complimenting something that would normally be taken negatively, the fact that Spensa caught rats. Hurl and Spensa became a formidable team, working together well. In the next battle, Hurl is itching to fight. They get an opportunity when eight ships come towards them. In the fight Kimmalyn gets a large tail, causing Spensa to leave Hurl's side to protect her. During this time, Hurl picked up a trail of three ships, which broke her ship. When she was plummeting, she refused to eject, saying, "I can control it... I can steer..." She crashes and dies due to this, causing Spensa and Jorgen to travel out and build her a funeral pyre. She nearly made it, but failed in the end to land safely.


Oh, my stomach. I think I'm going to hurl. Can I do it again?

— Hurl[2]


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