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Riptide Flight
Leader Terrier
Headquarters Alta Base
Type DDF flight
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Riptide Flight is a group of DDF pilots.[1] Jorgen joins Riptide Flight after graduation, becoming the eighth member of the squad.[2] As of the Second Battle of Alta, there are only five members remaining in the squad.[1] The flightleader of Riptide Flight is Terrier.


The Flight was involved in the battle over the first half of the falling shipyard, and returned to base with Skyward Flight after Nedd and Spensa emerged from inside the wreck.[3]

Riptide assisted Skyward when they were attacked by Krell during a routine tagging exercise. Four members of the Flight went after a lifebuster that was headed towards Alta Base during the battle. The pilots managed to scare off the ship, with the lifebuster eventually retreating.[4]

Riptide later participated in the Battle of Alta Second, initially being sent out to the second half of the falling shipyard to defend it from the Krell.[5] When the DDF realized that the attack on the shipyard was a diversion, Admiral Ironsides ordered Riptide Flight back to base. Upon their return, they aided Spensa in defending Alta Base by attacking the black Krell ships that were defending the lifebuster.[1] Arturo and Nedd fought alongside Riptide flight during this fight. When the lifebuster was dropped, Terrier ordered them away.

Known members[edit]


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