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Children Gremm, Semm
Profession Pirate
Species Tenasi
World Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Peg is a tenasi pirate in the belt of the nowhere. She is the mother of Gremm and Semm.[1]


Peg was the chief security officer at the Superiority base of Surehold. Peg was the one who installed the nonlethal weapons on the Superiority ships, saying that they couldn’t afford to throw away the ships that had been stolen by pirates. She also didn’t want to have to kill people who she sympathized with. The Superiority treated her poorly, and didn’t allow her children to leave with her when her time on the base was up. Peg was angry, and defected, along with about a third of the people in the base. She almost got the entire base to revolt, but others were scared of the Superiority’s reprisal. Peg and her fellow dissidents left to start pirate factions. There weren’t many at the time, but they grew greatly with the new members. Both of Peg’s sons left her to start their own factions, but some, like Shiver and RayZed, stayed with Peg.[2]

In reality, Peg and her sons had staged their disagreement so that when they finally agreed to stand together against Surehold, the others could be persuaded to follow suit. After Spensa defeated Hesho in a duel, claiming the title of pirate champion for the Broadsiders, their plan succeeded with Peg persuading not only her sons to follow her, but also the leaders of two more pirate factions.[3]


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