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ReDawn US Cover Art.jpg
Siblings Gilaf[1]
Abilities Cytonics
Species UrDail
World ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Alanik, callsign Angel, is an UrDail cytonic from the planet ReDawn.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She almost could have been one of us. I was surprised—I hadn’t realized there were aliens out there that looked so…human.

—Spensa, on Alanik's appearance[2]

Alanik is a humanoid woman with light purple skin, pale violet eyes, and stark white shoulder-length hair.[3][2][4] She has oddly pronounced cheeks, with white crystalline bone ridges that protrude out under her eyes and along the side of her "elfin" face.[2][4] She has slender hands with sharp, pointed fingernails made of the same bony material.[4] Despite her strange features, humans would consider her beautiful.[4] Her body shape is the same as that of a human female[3][5] and she is approximately the same height as Spensa.[6] She wears a flight suit while piloting her ship.[2]

She has a quiet voice and her language sounds graceful to human ears. She speaks to Spensa in a rather enigmatic manner during their brief interaction, although she was severely injured at the time.[2] She later proves to be very pragmatic, and displays a notable distrust of authority.[4][7]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Alanik is a cytonic. She has more understanding of her abilities than Spensa, although she believes that she still has much to learn.[2] She is able to sense other cytonics and determine their location, and she is the only UrDail cytonic able to hyperjump without the assistance of a taynix.[3][4][8] She is able to reach out to other cytonics and speak to them psionically,[9] and she is also able to place the coordinates of Starsight directly into Spensa's mind.[2]

She is a relatively skilled pilot, as she manages to get through the Detritus defense systems with her ship "miraculously" in one piece.[2] Her ship is similar in size to M-Bot, and appears to be a long-range fighter equipped with destructors and a light-lance turret.[3] M-Bot calls her ship "not very advanced", although he also looks down on DDF ships;[10] her ship's database contains a large amount of information about her people's history alongside planetary charts and her own mission log.[2] It also contains an interference module that can stop some types of cytonic attacks.[11]

She resembles a human with a few superficial differences, and her physiology is also fairly similar to a human's. Her body's circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive systems all seem to function like a human's, with small differences such as darker blood and breathing different gases.[2][5] Her diet is also similar to that of a human.[5] Due to the former alliance between the UrDail and humans, she is able to speak Mandarin Chinese and a small amount of English;[6] the structure of her own language has some similarities to English, although the sounds are different and Spensa cannot understand any of it.[2]


Alanik lived on ReDawn, a "backwater" planet that was not part of the Superiority.[2] Her people, the UrDail, had allied with humans in the last Human war and were heavily influenced by human culture.[2] Although some UrDail claimed that the humans forcibly occupied their planet, Alanik believed that this was propaganda and that humans were not dangerous compared to the oppression of the Superiority.[2] Because the Superiority had confined humans to "preserves" such as Detritus, Alanik was not even sure that they still existed, but continually tried reaching out with her cytonic abilities hoping to contact one of them.[2]

We were allies once. They say that you were monsters. But I thought…nothing can be more monstrous than they are…And if anyone can fight…it would be the ones they locked away…the terror that once nearly defeated them…

—Alanik, to Spensa[2]

Selection for Starsight[edit]

The UrDail and numerous other races who were not primary citizens of the Superiority were sent a message by Cuna's agency seeking potential pilots for their military.[2][12] Alanik was chosen as the UrDail's only emissary for the training mission;[2] Cuna presumably had particular interest in Alanik since she was a cytonic.[12] She was tasked with traveling to Starsight to train as a pilot. The hope was that a successful trial by Alanik would lead to additional UrDail pilots joining the military and eventual citizenship for the entire species.[6] However, Alanik actually had several ulterior motives. She wanted to learn more about her cytonic abilities[2] and she was also acting as a spy; she hoped to steal hyperdrive technology and liberate the UrDail.[4]

Crash on Detritus[edit]

Alanik never made it to Starsight; she heard Spensa's panicked cytonic scream after watching video footage of a delver[9] and was able to cytonically determine the location of Detritus.[13] She hyperjumped directly to Detritus but was unfortunately unaware of the planet's defense systems, and she took a path that led her too close to the platform-mounted automatic guns surrounding the planet.[13][3] The DDF was confused by the presence of a single alien ship that did not behave like a Krell and scrambled some fighters.[13] Her ship barely survived atmospheric entry; its acclivity ring was damaged and one of the wings nearly detached, but Spensa could sense Alanik and was able to save the ship from total destruction by using her light-lance.[3]

Spensa, disguised as Alanik

After Spensa helped land the ship, she tried to give Alanik medical attention. Alanik was able to speak to Spensa using a translator pin, and told her about Starsight. She cytonically placed the coordinates of the station in Spensa's mind and told her not to trust the Superiority before falling unconscious. M-Bot was able to hack into her ship's relatively crude computer systems and was able to fill in the blanks regarding her planet and her mission.[2] Spensa quickly hatched a plan to disguise herself as Alanik and go to Starsight in her place in an attempt to steal a hyperdrive.[2] The DDF did not fully understand Alanik's medical needs and they simply monitored her as she remained unconscious for the duration of Spensa's mission.[14] The UrDail tried to contact her; Spensa attempted to explain the situation[15] but the UrDail were also in contact with Cuna and did not seem to know who to trust.[16]

Recovery and Departure[edit]

Alanik remained in a DDF medical bay under sedation for nineteen days while her injuries healed. DDF Flight Command had Alanik taken off the sedatives hoping that she could help them contact Cuna, who had sent an emergency message to Detritus after Winzik's coup.[17][4] With Spensa absent, Cobb suggested that Jorgen and FM speak to her first. After some time for Alanik to adjust, FM struck up a conversation with her. Alanik seemed willing to work with the young pilots, although she became agitated when she learned that the Superiority had tried to contact the humans. She wanted to contact the UrDail regarding her mission to Starsight; Jorgen and FM did not have clearance to tell her that Spensa had taken her place.[4]

My people were punished because we fought alongside yours. Some on my planet think it is better to go along with the Superiority. To accept their peace. But their peace is a tool to maintain power.

—Alanik, to FM[4]

She discussed the oppression of her people by the Superiority, noting some parallels to the plight of the humans. She emphasized that any "peace" treaty offered by the Superiority was false; FM realized that the National Assembly was considering the exact scenario that she was warning against. She told Alanik that she was ready to fight.[4]

Alanik seemed to be connecting with FM, but their diplomatic efforts were put to a full stop when Jeshua Weight intervened, treating Alanik like a prisoner rather than an ally.[4] Alanik immediately took offense and projected a message into Jorgen's mind telling him that he was powerful and should not allow anyone to control him.[4] She then hyperjumped back to ReDawn.[4][8]

Unity’s Military Coup[edit]

Progress for ReDawn! May her enemies be swiftly silenced for the good of us all.

—Nanalis to the UrDail[8]

Alanik attended a sporting event at the Stadium Tree, the match between the Unity and Independece faction. At the match she talked with Rinakin, and witnessed a thinly veiled message from Nanalis saying that the divisive Independence faction must be silenced. They left the match partway through, and were summoned by Quilan and the other Unity cytonics to come meet him at the Council tree.[8] She refused, flying to Spindle instead. They were intercepted by Quilan there. She landed, and Quilan struck Rinakin with a concussion bolt.[1] Two of his men apprehended Rinakin, and Alanik got away. She cytonically communicated with Jorgen, saying that Detritus has an inhibitor and she needs the key. Their minds connected and she received the key, and she hyperjumped to Detritus.[18]

Alanik met with Jorgen and FM, and discovered that the taynix are the hyperdrives, and learned more about them. She reluctantly agreed to meet with Jeshua and Cobb, after Jorgen tells her that he doesn’t have the authority to help her.[18] She met with Detritus’ leaders, plus Minister Cuna Alanik asked for them to form an alliance with the Independence faction and send a force to ReDawn to help resist the Unity faction. In return she offered to help train their cytonics. Cobb and Jeshua argued over wether the National Assembly or the DDF should make the descision, and Alanik was given quarters where she could wait.[19] She met with the rest of Skyward Flight, who were friendly towards her.[20]

Cobb arrived and told them that Alanik’s request had been denied, and that his hands were tied. He told them that he couldn’t officially order them to go, but heavily hinted that he wanted them to anyway.[20] Alanik and Skyward Flight hurried to the hangar, and Alanik found that her ship had been taken apart to be studied. The maintenance crews tried to stop them, but Jorgen said they had been given emergency orders to scramble. They went to their fighters, FM showing Alanik the basic controls of the unfamiliar fighter.

I can handle two ships. Just because I don’t have combat experience doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing.

—Alanik to Jorgen during a dogfight[21]

They flew upwards, Alanik managing with difficulty. After interlocking with light lances and preparing to hyperjump, Jeshua radioed them and warned them that if they left, they would be considered deserters. At Jorgen’s go-ahead, Alanik teleported them to ReDawn.[22] They arrived just outside Hollow, and Alanik explained the nature of ReDawn and its trees to them. As they neared the Superiority transport where Alanik’s people were being held, Skyward Flight engaged the numerous Unity pilots. The transport fled and Skyward Flight worked together to bring it down, Nedd using his IMP and Kimmalyn taking out the pilot, while Alanik and Arturo grabbed the transport with their light-lances.[21]

Alanik hyperjumped the transport to the Independence base, and the Independence prisoners unloaded, the pilots entering their fighters. Quilan’s fighters arrived, and Skyward Flight and the Independence pilots held. More Unity reinforcements arrived however, and Alanik decided that they should retreat to Wandering Leaf, a floating platform with automatic turrets. Skyward Flight used their taynix to teleport them and the Independence pilots underneath the turrets, while Alanik dueled with Quilan.[23] Upon trying to land on Wandering Leaf she was forced to eject out of her plane, landing on the platform with her parachute.[24]

On Wandering Leaf[edit]

Alanik met with the Independence pilots, including her brother and Rinakin’s daughter. Because of Wandering Leaf’s effective turrets, Alanik and the others were then safe from Unity attacks. Jorgen tuned his radio to a broadcast from Nanalis to the UrDail population, and Rinakin’s voice came on, allying himself and Independence with Unity. He then told Alanik to turn herself in.[24] Many memmbers of Skyward Flight had doubts about rescuing Rinakin after the message, but both Alanik and Inin strongly argued that Unity was forcing Rinakin to agree with them. Alanik introduced the human and Independence pilots to each other, and explore the Superiority shuttle. Inside they found a blue and green taynix with the power to inhibit cytonics. Afterward, Alanik talked with Arturo alone. Arturo bluntly asked Alanik if she would betray them, to which she said that she won’t.[25]

Are mate-pairs taboo in your culture? You all seem very embarrassed to talk about them.

—Alanik to the members of Skyward Flight[26]

Alanik got to know Skyward Flight better, chatting cytonically with Jorgen. When they began talking about their romantic relationships, Alanik was confused about how embarrassed they got about the subject. FM decided that they needed to retrieve Rig from Detritus[26], and her and Alanik hyperjumped there. They convinced him to help, and found that Detritus’ leaders had been negotiating with the Superiority and would likely hand over their taynix.[27] They returned to Wandering Leaf, where FM and Jorgen got into an argument about the taynix. Alanik and the others tested out the platform’s cytonic inhibitor using the new blue and green slug. After their test was successful, Rig repaired Alanik’s starfighter.[28] Arturo talked with Alanik more, asking about why she fights so strongly against the Superiority. After figuring out how to work Wandering Leaf’s mindblade weapon system, Alanik and the others discussed how to rescue Rinakin.[29]

Alanik, Jorgen, and Rig used a hyperslug to hyperjump Wandering Leaf just outside of Tower, one of the biggest UrDail trees. Skyward Flight and the Independence pilots got into the air, and Quilan and the other cytonics left the Council tree to come inhibit Wandering Leaf. With the Council tree now open, Alanik and Arturo used Naga to hyperjump their ships to where Rinakin was staying.[30]

Rescuing Rinakin[edit]

It suits you. An angel with a big sword, coming down to exact justice.

—Arturo to Alanik about her new callsign[31]

Alanik and Arturo discussed callsigns as they approached Rinakin’s quarters, Alanik deciding that her callsign should be Angel. They used Naga to hyperjump into Rinakin’s room, and Alanik rushed in to convince Rinakin to leave with her. Rinakin acted strangely, telling Alanik to come with her, then turned on a cytonic inhibitor. Alanik realized that the person was not Rinakin, but an imposter.[31]

Arturo came in and physically attacked the imposter, who turned out to be a Dione using holographic technology stolen from M-Bot. The Dione told them that Rinakin was already gone. Alanik and Arturo returned to their ships and chased after the ship that was transporting the real Rinakin, fighting off several Unity pilots. During the battle, Alanik killed an enemy pilot for the first time, which shocked her. She managed to hook the ship with Rinakin with her light hook, then teleported the ship, along with herself and Arturo, back to Wandering Leaf.[32] On the deck of Wandering Leaf, she fought off Rinakin’s guards by hyperjumping them away and abandoning them, then rescued Rinakin from his bonds. She caught him up on events, and Arturo comforted Alanik about killing someone.[33]

Defeating the Unity Faction[edit]

Thank you, for not abandoning my people to the Superiority when the inhibitor went down.

—Alanik to Jorgen[34]

Alanik and Arturo joined the fight against the Unity pilots, whose cytonics were trying to get in formation to make a cytonic inhibitor. They succeeded, and a Superioirty battleship appeared, guns trained on Tower. Alanik shot down Quilan during the battle and killed him, and another cytonic was shot down. The inhibitor deactivated as the battleship began to fire, and Rig hyperjumped Wadnering leaf close to the battleship and destroyed it with the platforms’ autoturrets. A varvax cytonic hyperjumped onto Wandering Leaf and marched on Rig. Alanik tried to stop it, but Boomslug protected Rig by cutting through the creature’s exoskeleton.[33] With their cytonics shot down and Quilan dead, the Unity pilots retreated as Rinakin made a broadcast to the UrDail people.[34]

Back to Detritus[edit]

Alanik and Arturo talked about the battle and Alanik’s killing of Quilan, and were interrupted by Cobb calling them. Jorgen gave him an update, but noticed Cobb was acting strangely. At Alanik’s suggestion, they realized that Cobb had been replaced by an imposter. Alanik communicated with Gran-Gran, who was being handed over to the Superiority aboard a ship. Alanik warned her of the trap, and sensed a commslug aboard the Superiority ship. She opened a line to Jorgen’s parents, who didn’t believe Jorgen’s warnings about the trap. After ending the communication, Rig hyperjumped Wandering Leaf to Detritus.[34]

Thank you. I can tell by your spirit that you have the heart of a warrior like my granddaughter.

—Gran-Gran thanking Alanik[35]

Alanik and Jorgen hyperjumped to Detritus’ command center and grabbed the fake Cobb, then found a taynix aboard the Superioirty ship. Jorgen went with the fake Cobb to find his parents, and Alanik went off to find Gran-Gran. She discovered along the way that there was a bomb on the ship rigged to blow, and that Superiority personnel had evacuated. She retrieved Rig, who didn’t know how to disarm it. After Rig returned to Wandering Leaf, Alanik found the cells where Gran-Gran, Cuna, and Cobb were being held. After Alanik disabled the cytonic inhibitor, Gran-Gran jumped away with Cobb, and Alanik dropped off Cuna at Wandering Leaf. Alanik hurried to where Jorgen was, and found his parents and other politicians trapped in a room, the area cytonically inhibited. Unable to find the inhibitor and unable to break into the room, Alanik and Jorgen were forced to leave them behind, Alanik hyperjumping herself and Jorgen back to Wandering Leaf.[35]

Afterwards, as the ship exploded, Alanik could feel Jorgen’s grief and anger. Alanik couldn’t feel Gran-Gran’s mind, and concluded that she and Cobb had made it away, but to an unknown location. Jorgen told Alanik that they’d have to delay returning to her people, as there were some things they had to do on Detritus first.[36]

Alanik went with Jorgen as he led Skyward Flight down to Platform Prime, where he yelled at Vice Admiral Stoff. Alanik helped Jorgen in his argument with Stoff, and kept trying to use her cytonic abilities to locate Gran-Gran and Cobb.[37] Alanik returned to ReDawn with a few other members of the flight to finish solidifying the alliance between Detritus and ReDawn, and over the course of two days she still wasn't able to find Gran-Gran or Cobb with her senses.[38] Jorgen volunteered to help Alanik search, and she tried to teach him to hone his cytonic skills. They both heard a communication from Kauri of the kitsen, saying they had Cobb and Gran-Gran on their planet.[39]

Mission to Evershore[edit]

After getting permission from Stoff, and then gaining more information from Kauri, Alanik, Jorgen, Cuna, and the rest of Skyward Flight traveled to the kitsen planet of Evershore. Alanik was more familiar with the kitsen than the humans in the flight, and was able to give some limited information to them about the kitsen. They went to the kitsen capital city of Dreamspring, and visited Gran-Gran and Cobb, who were both in comas. Alanik initially wasn't sure that it was actually Gran-Gran, since she couldn't sense her cytonically.[40]

Keep going. You have to convince them.

—Alanik cytonically encouraging Jorgen to speak to the kitsen senate[41]

Deciding to wait and come back to them later, Alanik and the others attended a feast held by the kitsen. She went to a kitsen senate meeting with Jorgen and FM, trying to tell the kitsen that they came in peace, so they could form an alliance. After Jorgen threw the meeting into chaos by accidentally exploding outward with mindblades, Alanik cytonically encouraged him to talk anyways, making his case to the kitsen.[41]

While the kitsen Juno went with Jorgen to try and help him gain better control of his mindblades, Alanik went to visit the unconscious Cobb and Gran-Gran. But when she and the med techs tried to move Cobb and Gran-Gran to their medical transport, their condition started deteriorating rapidly. Alanik cytonically told Jorgen to come see, and she explained the situation. Deciding to keep them where they were for the time being, Alanik and Jorgen discussed the possibilities of what was happening. At Jorgen's request, Juno took them to the library, where Gran-Gran and Cobb had first appeared. They found a nowhere portal, but before they have much time to discuss it, Arturo radioed them to tell them that the Superiority was attacking.[42]

Battle for Evershore[edit]

Alanik and Jorgen hyperjumped to their ships, and released everyone's taynix from their boxes. They both got into the air first, and helped cover their flightmates as they got to their fighters.

This rodent keeps talking to me about birds. There are no birds living in my mind, Jorgen, and I don't know what he means about waves either.

—Alanik expressing her frustration about Juno's teaching[43]

Several kitsen ships joined Skyward Flight in the air and began to fight, and the Superiority ships temporarily retreated to await reinforcements. Jorgen and FM hyperjumped to Detritus to get reinforcements of their own, and Jorgen had Juno fly with Alanik and try to help teach her.[44] Juno tried to instruct her with the same exercises he used with Jorgen, but Alanik didn't understand them and grew frustrated.[43]

Jorgen fetched Wandering Leaf from Detritus, and Alanik communicated with him cytonically to direct where he should hyperjump the platform. Alanik used Snide to send Juno back to Jorgen's ship, since Juno had decided she simply didn't have much aptitude for mindblades.[45] At Jorgen's suggestion, Alanik hyperjumped to ReDawn to get UrDail ships to come to Evershore and join the fight. She convinced them, and soon returned with more reinforcements. Arturo spotted a lifebuster bomber, and Kimmalyn shot it down. Alanik caught the falling bomb with her light hook, hyperjumped it a safe distance away, then hyperjumped to safety. Since their lifebuster failed, the Superiority ships instead began to spread out across the planet, attempting to target the various kitsen cities and inflict maximum civilian casualties.[46]

At Jorgen's order, Alanik and the other members of the flight focused their efforts on evacuating as many kitsen civilians as possible. However, the battle was soon won, as Jorgen and Rig managed to hyperjump the entire planet of Detritus to Evershore, using its platforms to tip the battle in their favor and force the Superiority to retreat.[47]



Unlike the rest of my family, Gilaf wasn’t going to swallow Unity lies.

—Alanik thinking about Gilaf [8]

Gilaf is Alanik's brother. He is the only family member she mentions by name, and he is the only one who doesn't agree with Unity's methods. When Alanik comes to rescue Gilaf and his the rest of the holdouts from Hollow, he trusts her enough to obey her instructions without knowing the whole plan.[23]


Rinakin trained Alanik in the use of her cytonic abilities, though he is not cytonic himself. Alanik found him intimidating at first, because of his intensity, but came to realize that's just the way he is. Though he expected a lot from Alanik in her training, she notes that he was never discouraging of her efforts.[8]

When Rinakin is captured by the Unity faction working with the Superiority, Alanik knows Rinakin well enough to see that they are somehow forcing him to promote their view.


Arturo is initially suspicious of Alanik, and approaches her after Skyward Flight defects to come to ReDawn. He tells her frankly that he's worried she is using the humans and planning to turn them over to the Superiority for an advantage. Alanik is offended at the idea of cooperating with the Superiority, but admits to herself that his concerns are valid. Arturo warns her not to cross them, and leaves.[25]

Later, Alanik and Arturo talk about why they fight the Superiority, and grow to understand and respect each other's reasons. Arturo volunteers to accompany Alanik on the mission to rescue Rinakin, which annoys Alanik at first, as she thinks he still must not trust her. During the course of the mission she realizes he just wants to help. They engage in friendly conversation, and he helps her choose a callsign.

When Alanik is panicking over having killed another pilot, Arturo pulls her aside and pushes her to talk. He helps her think through her feelings and calm down, making sure she's alright before they continue fighting.[33]

After the battle on ReDawn, Alanik and Arturo spend lots of time together.[39] Arturo takes it upon himself to make sure Alanik is well-assimilated to Skyward Flight, though this is somewhat unnecessary, as she is already an excellent pilot and quickly accustoms to flying with them. Of late, he flies with Alanik as a wingmate instead of Nedd, like usual.[44] When Jorgen is communicating cytonically with Arturo, he sees that Arturo has feelings for Alanik, though nothing is yet happening between them.[46] It seems likely that Alanik feels the same; she finds the idea of asking Arturo (in particular) about human mating rituals "disorienting,"[34] and the tone of her novella is consistent with this.


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