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Alanik by Bernardo Curvello.jpg
Abilities Cytonics
Species UrDail
World ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Alanik is an UrDail cytonic from the planet ReDawn.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She almost could have been one of us. I was surprised—I hadn’t realized there were aliens out there that looked so…human.

—Spensa, on Alanik's appearance[1]

Alanik is a humanoid woman with light purple skin, violet eyes, and stark white shoulder-length hair.[2][1] She has white bone ridges under her eyes and along the side of her "elfin" face.[1] Her body shape is the same as that of a human female[2][3] and she is approximately the same height as Spensa.[4] She wears a flight suit while piloting her ship.[1]

She has a quiet voice and her language sounds graceful to human ears. She speaks to Spensa in a rather enigmatic manner during their brief interaction, although she was severely injured at the time.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Alanik is the only UrDail cytonic.[1] She has more understanding of her abilities than Spensa, although she believes she still has much to learn.[1] She is able to sense other cytonics and determine their location, and she is able to hyperjump without the assistance of a taynix.[2] She is able to reach out to other cytonics and speak to them psionically,[5] and she is also able to place the coordinates of Starsight directly into Spensa's mind.[1]

She is a relatively skilled pilot, as she manages to get through the Detritus defense systems with her ship "miraculously" in one piece.[1] Her ship is similar in size to M-Bot, and appears to be a long-range fighter equipped with destructors and a light-lance turret.[2] M-Bot calls her ship "not very advanced", although he also looks down on DDF ships;[6] her ship's database contains a large amount of information about her people's history alongside planetary charts and her own mission log.[1]

She resembles a human with a few superficial differences, and her physiology is also fairly similar to a human's. Her body's circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive systems all seem to function like a human's, with small differences such as darker blood and breathing different gases.[1][3] Her diet is also similar to that of a human.[3] Due to the former alliance between the UrDail and humans, she is able to speak Mandarin Chinese and a small amount of English;[4] the structure of her own language has some similarities to English, although the sounds are different and Spensa cannot understand any of it.[1]


Alanik lived on ReDawn, a "backwater" planet that was not part of the Superiority.[1] Her people, the UrDail, had allied with humans in the last Human war and were heavily influenced by human culture.[1] Although some UrDail claimed that the humans forcibly occupied their planet, Alanik believed that this was propaganda and that humans were not dangerous compared to the oppression of the Superiority.[1] Because the Superiority had confined humans to "preserves" such as Detritus, Alanik was not even sure that they still existed, but continually tried reaching out with her cytonic abilities hoping to contact one of them.[1]

We were allies once. They say that you were monsters. But I thought…nothing can be more monstrous than they are…And if anyone can fight…it would be the ones they locked away…the terror that once nearly defeated them…

—Alanik, to Spensa[1]

The UrDail and numerous other races who were not primary citizens of the Superiority were sent a message by Cuna's agency seeking potential pilots for their military.[1][7] Alanik was chosen as the UrDail's only emissary for the training mission;[1] Cuna presumably had particular interest in Alanik since she was a cytonic.[7] She was tasked with traveling to Starsight to train as a pilot, although she had an ulterior motive of learning more about her cytonic abilities.[1] The hope was that a successful trial by Alanik would lead to additional UrDail pilots joining the military and eventual citizenship for the entire species.[4]

Alanik never made it to Starsight; she heard Spensa's panicked cytonic scream after watching video footage of a delver[5] and was able to cytonically determine the location of Detritus.[8] She hyperjumped directly to Detritus but was unfortunately unaware of the planet's defense systems, and she took a path that led her too close to the platform-mounted automatic guns surrounding the planet.[8][2] The DDF was confused by the presence of a single alien ship that did not behave like a Krell and scrambled some fighters.[8] Her ship barely survived atmospheric entry; its acclivity ring was damaged and one of the wings nearly detached, but Spensa could sense Alanik and was able to save the ship from total destruction by using her light-lance.[2]

Spensa, disguised as Alanik

After Spensa helped land the ship, she tried to give Alanik medical attention. Alanik was able to speak to Spensa using a translator pin, and told her about Starsight. She cytonically placed the coordinates of the station in Spensa's mind and told her not to trust the Superiority before falling unconscious. M-Bot was able to hack into her ship's relatively crude computer systems and was able to fill in the blanks regarding her planet and her mission.[1] Spensa quickly hatched a plan to disguise herself as Alanik and go to Starsight in her place in an attempt to steal a hyperdrive.[1] The DDF did not fully understand Alanik's medical needs and they simply monitored her as she remained unconscious for the duration of Spensa's mission.[9] The UrDail tried to contact her; Spensa attempted to explain the situation[10] but the UrDail were also in contact with Cuna and did not seem to know who to trust.[11]


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