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Siblings Alanik
Species UrDail
Homeworld ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared ReDawn
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Gilaf is an UrDail pilot from ReDawn. He is the brother of Alanik, and a member of the Independence faction.


Gilaf was stationed at Hollow, and he and his flightmates helped supervise the lumberwork there.[1] He, along with many other members of the Independence faction, were captured by Unity and the Superiority. Alanik and Skyward Flight rescued him and his companions, and he and his fellow pilots got into their fighters to help fight the force that Unity sent against them. He and the others fought well against the Unity pilots and held their own, but soon Unity reinforcements arrived and they were forced to retreat.[2]

Alanik decided that they should retreat to Wandering Leaf, though Gilaf expressed doubt at the idea. The members of Skyward Flight used their taynix to teleport themselves and the Independence pilots close to Wandering Leaf and underneath its turrets, taking several trips.[2] Gilaf and the others entered inside the platform, and were soon joined by Alanik. Though he was slightly alarmed at the presence of the human pilots, he soon got over it.[3]


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