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Titles Shield Bearer of the Unexalted One
Profession Starship navigator
Groups Flowers of Night's Last Kiss Flight
Species Kitsen
World Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Kauri is a kitsen who travels to Starsight under the leadership of Hesho and acts as his shieldbearer and navigator.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kauri wears a red and gold uniform and carries an ornamental shield.[2] This shield is a physical symbol of her duty as Hesho's shieldbearer. The duties and responsibilities of such a post are not made clear but it seems that shieldbearers serve as personal assistants, providing information and fulfilling menial tasks.[3] She also is tasked with piloting a small hoverplatform that the kitsen of the Gaualako-An use as transport outside of their ship.[4]

Kauri is the navigator of the Gaualako-An.[1] Though her duties as a navigator are not clear, she is often tasked with explaining details about the universe in Hesho's stead. Consequently, she is knowledgeable, skilled at explaining, and generally helpful.[3]


Before coming to Starsight, Kauri worked as Hesho's navigator on the Gaualako-An.[citation needed] After arrival and after being accepted as a trainee, she changed ships to work again as Hesho's navigator on the Swims Against the Current in a Stream Reflecting the Sun, also known as the Swims Upstream.[1] Kauri later takes control of the Swims Upstream after Hesho's death.[5]


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