Wandering Leaf

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Wandering Leaf
Type Spaceship and platform
World of Origin ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
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Wandering Leaf is an abandoned flying military platform, similar to the defensive shells around Detritus. It was abandoned after the Second Human War, centuries ago. It used to move through the miasma controllably, but now it simply drifts.[1] It is equipped with an array of autoturrets, which shoot at anything within range, as well as having a taynix box which can be used to fire enormous mindblades. It has oxygen generators on board, so that inhabitants don’t breathe in the toxic miasma. It floats in the miasma of ReDawn, near the Hollow. The UrDail who populate the Hollow monitor Wandering Leaf closely, in case it grows to near to the settlement.[2]


During Alanik and Skyward Flight's uprising against the Unity faction, they boarded Wandering Leaf, hyperjumping underneath the turret’s range.[3] They temporarily made it their base of operations, figuring out its mechanisms.[4]


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