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Parents Rinakin
Species UrDail
World ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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You’re here to help rescue my father? To help us turn the wind to our favor?

—Inin to Jorgen[1]

Inin is an UrDail pilot from ReDawn. She is the daughter of Rinakin.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Inin is late into her pregnancy, and wears a maternity jacket over her belly.[1] She is fierce and strong-willed, and dislikes being treated like a child because she is pregnant, or any other suggestions that she is weak. She cares strongly for her father, and defends him tenaciously.[3]


She became pregnant, and Rinakin had wished he could retire from his position to help take care of the baby, but it was made impossible by the political situation.[1]

Inin was part of the group of Independence faction members that Alanik and Skyward Flight rescued from the Unity faction and the Superiority. She went to Wandering Leaf with Skyward Flight, and there listened to a broadcast from Rinakin, who announced that he was aligning with Nanalis and the Unity faction, saying that they must unite and that Alanik should turn herself in. Inin strongly argued that Unity was making him say the message, and that he wasn’t doing it of his own free will.[1]


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