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by Isaac Stewart
Abilities Cytonics
World Cambri
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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The taynix are a species of slugs with yellow skin and blue spines originally from the planet Cambri.[1] They can be found on several planets, including Detritus and the kitsen homeworld.[2][3] During her exploration of the Detritus caves, Spensa finds a taynix which she nicknames Doomslug.[4]

Abilities and uses[edit]

Taynix have an innate cytonic ability to travel through the dimension of the delvers, and are used by the Superiority as hyperdrives that do not risk drawing the delvers into the universe.[5]. To do so, Superiority hyperdrives use them during a hyperjump to produce a cytonic "scream", which distracts the delvers from the passing ships.[6] This scream is apparently only perceptible for beings with cytonic abilities.[7]

In order to cover up their role in cytonic hyperdrives and maintain control over the rest of the galaxy, the Superiority claims they are highly venomous.[1]


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