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Gill by TalnFan.png
Abilities Cytonics, mimicry
Species Taynix
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Gill is a hyperslug taynix[1] that Jorgen discovers in a cavern on Detritus along with several other taynix. Gill is of the yellow and blue variety of taynix, meaning he can use his Cytonic abilities to teleport. Gill is the first taynix besides Doomslug that FM ever sees, and at first she mistakes Gill for Doomslug.[2]

Gill has blue markings down the side of his face that almost look like gills, which leads to FM naming him Gill. Gill has a quieter voice than Doomslug, at least some of the time.[2]

Gill teleports out of his crate many times, at one point teleporting right in the middle of Admiral Cobb’s holoprojection.[3] Gill goes with Skyward Flight on their rescue mission to Sunreach. With Jorgen’s direction, Gill uses his cytonic abilities to teleport into Sadie’s starfighter and bring her into the station, saving her.[4]


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