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Boomslug by TalnFan.png
Abilities Cytonics, mimicry
Species Taynix
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Sunreach
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Boomslug is a taynix that Jorgen discovers in a cavern along with several other taynix. He is one of the red and black variety of taynix, allowing him to defend himself with his cytonic abilities. When alarmed, he can cause a force to explode out of him, causing a series of shallow cuts to slice into whatever is threatening him.[1] This ability shares many attributes with a mindblade; however, it is unknown whether they are the same.

When Jorgen, FM, Kimmalyn and Rig are experimenting with the taynix, Boomslug crawls onto Jorgen’s boot. Jorgen picks Boomslug up, but squeezes him too hard. Boomslug slashes Jorgen with an explosion of force, giving him dozens of small lacerations across his face and arms. After this, Kimmalyn gives Boomslug his name. For the most part, Boomslug and the others of his type were mostly left alone, due to their apparently volatile and dangerous nature.[1]


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