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Featured In Defending Elysium

Evensong was an orbital platform hanging between Saturn and Uranus.[1] It was the most remote of all the Outer Platforms, the farthest human outpost in deep-space.

Evensong was a flat piece of metal, fifty miles long, with buildings on both the top and bottom. It was surrounded by a bubble of air, and ESG generators (Element-specific gravity generators) give it gravity, while Fusion generators also help to make it habitable. Many of Evensong's skyrises and towers were linked by walkways. It was the frontier of humanity's conquest in space. But despite how futuristic and advanced it is, it still had slums.

Engineering and Technology of Evensong[edit]

The buildings on Evensong were built of rich telanium, a super-light, silvery metal that does not corrode or fall apart. Most of the buildings had been prefabricated with the platform. The buildings were spacious, well constructed, and sleek.[1] Most buildings were poorly-lit, and its distance from the sun kept it in a perpetual state of twilight.[1]


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