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Denise Carlson
Died 2211 (consciousness; physical body survived)
Abilities Cytonics (trainee)
Profession Research scientist
Groups Phone Company
Residence Evensong
World Earth (Skyward)
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Defending Elysium

Denise Carlson was a laboratory assistant for the Phone Company who worked in their research facility on Evensong.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is thin and has short, dark, curly hair. Jason Write describes her look as extremely innocent and "passably attractive". She is straightforward and calculating.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Although she held a relatively low-level position in the Phone Company's facility, Denise was presumably intelligent and had some knowledge of the PC's research and operations.[1]

She had shown some cytonic ability and was in the middle of her training. She had met Jason Write on several occasions.[1]



While living and working on the Phone Company's distant Outer Platform known as Evensong, Denise disappeared under unknown circumstances. The Phone Company's Central Operations on Earth downplayed the incident; the United Intelligence Bureau assumed it was a simple mugging. However, the PC was actually quite concerned about the disappearance and sent Jason Write to investigate. Evensong was several months away from Earth, and by the time Jason arrived, Denise had been found. However, she seemed to have suffered amnesia as well as the loss of her motor skills and had been admitted to a mental hospital.[1]

Death and Replacement[edit]

Jason, who had met Denise several times in the past, immediately noticed several strange things about her. She did not exhibit the usual symptoms of someone with amnesia, and could not remember anything at all. Her speaking ability returned very rapidly, but her physical issues defied explanation. Jason was confused by Denise's unfamiliarity with simple human concepts like anger and the taste of salt. After further investigation, he realized that she had an affinity for bright red lights and used unusual hand gestures, both characteristics of a cytonically advanced alien race known as the Varvax.[1]

Jason connected Denise's disappearance to the supposed murder of a Varvax ambassador named Vahnn and realized that their minds had been switched using cytonics. Vahnn was a Varvax dissident and had taken over Denise's body hoping to learn more about human weapons of war, which were far superior to those of other alien races. Vahnn (in Denise's body) was taken to PC headquarters on Earth. Denise's consciousness was presumably destroyed when Vahnn's original body was incinerated after the swap.[1]


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