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Ken Harris
Profession Police officer
World Evensong
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Defending Elysium

Ken Harris is a police officer on Evensong.[1]

In 2211, a piece of carapace, presumed to be from the recently-missing Varvax ambassador, is found in a burning station on Evensong, and Harris is one of the officers investigating the incident under Captain Orson Ansed; at that point, Ansed considers him a "new kid." He leads Ansed into the building, shows him the burned piece of carapace, and reports that the sensor net recorded nothing. He also notes that the burners are emptied only once a month and that, if the body had been in there any longer, there probably would not have been any traces left. Finally, he informs Ansed that the worker who found the carapace already told the media.[1]


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