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World Unknown
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Defending Elysium

The Varvax are a race of aliens in the Milky Way.[1]

Varvax are actually small creatures that float in a nutrient bath. They are surrounded by a large, inorganic exoskeleton that contains quartz and granite. When speaking, they create clicks and snaps with their claws and use many hand gestures.

The first jump they made using FTL transportation occurred before they invented the computer. As such, their technological development is much less advanced than that of humans. However, their Cytonics is the most developed in the galaxy.

By their own standards, they, like all species with Cytonics, are of Primary Intelligence. They are peaceful and try to avoid conflict, going so far as to shrug off one of their own being apparently murdered. However, not all Varvax agree with this philosophy. They subjugate their territories (including other races) using Cytonic suppression to enforce peace in the galaxy. These discontents learned how to swap minds with humans to steal their superior technology and start a war.

One of them was inhabiting the skin of Denise Carlson. Another was in Edmund.

Sonn was their foreign minister on Earth.


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