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Spouse Vormel
Profession Pirate
Species Varvax
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Cytonic
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Nuluba is a varvax pirate in the belt of the nowhere. She is a member of the Broadsider Faction, working on the ground crew of Cutlass Flight alongside Maksim.[1]


Before Becoming a Pirate[edit]

Nuluba used to do customer analysis for the methane utility farms on Tuma, in an irrelevant department. She had access to a lot of information, including population statistics for several planets. She became too curious about the data, and started asking too many questions. One of her jobs was looking at population statistics for species of “lesser intelligence”, who were deemed “aggressive”. The Superiority said that those species killed each other often through intraspecies murder, but Nuluba found that to not be the case. Nuluba started gathering proof, and was proud of her revolutionary research about how wrong their assumptions of “aggressive” species were. The Superiority threw her into the nowhere to keep her quiet, before she even got to see her mate, Vormel, again. Afterward she joined with the pirates, in the Broadsider faction.[2]


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