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Interspecies Monitoring Coalition
Leaders Varvax
Universe Cytoverse

The Interspecies Monitoring Coalition is an alien governmental agency administered by the varvax. They are responsible for rating a race's intelligence class. The highest classification is Prime or Primary Intelligence, while the lowest known classification is Quaternary Intelligence.[1] "Intelligence" refers to the ability of a race to create a peaceful, nearly crime-free society, not the relative intelligence of its members.[2]


The coalition determines the intelligence level of a race by observing their older children to see how they imitate society around them once they lose their childhood innocence.[1] There may be significant intelligence disparities within a race; it is not clear how the coalition decides on a classification in such cases. Manifesting cytonic abilities such as mindblades may improve a race's classification, but Prime Intelligence is reserved for races that have gained the ability of FTL travel. Historically, every society that discovers FTL travel achieves peace at the same time. Lower intelligence classes are therefore considered barbaric and aggressive.[1][3]


Humankind proved to be an exception to the coalition's assumptions, developing advanced technology beyond that of other non-Prime societies and resisting control by the varvax and other aliens.[1] This led to a series of conflicts known as the Human Wars and the eventual formation of the Superiority.[4] Under the Superiority, five species of Prime Intelligence lead the government—the varvax, the tenasi, the cambric, the heklo, and the diones. The Superiority's intelligence classifications include a political component; past alliances with the humans are regarded as a barrier to reaching Prime Intelligence.[3][5]


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