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Krell Interceptor.jpg
Leader Department of Protective Services
Headquarters KRELL space station
Type Police force
Universe Cytoverse
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They kept us contained not out of spite, but because they were genuinely terrified of humankind.

Ketos redgor Earthen listro listrins (KRELL) is a paramilitary force within the Superiority's Department of Protective Services. The name translates to "Penitentiary maintenance and containment of Earthlings".[2] It's unknown whether their jurisdiction is limited to Detritus or if they're responsible for all human preserves.


KRELL's primary task is preventing the human population from leaving their planet.[2][3] They do so mostly by launching occassional attacks to keep people focused on defending themselves, leaving them no breathing room for researching means of escape or recovering any advanced technology. KRELL is, however, forbidden from outright destroying humanity, as Superiority laws prohibits a species from being completely wiped out.[4]

This being said, recently this rule appears to no longer be in effect, as KRELL have begun to act more aggressively, at least in regards to Detritus. This could be motivated by humans' improved fighting capacity, or political maneuvering of their parent organization, the Department of Protective Services, and its leader, Winzik.[4][5]

With how small Superiority's military is, it's likely that KRELL is their largest fighting force.[6] As such, their drone pilots can sometimes be called on to perform other tasks, such as overseeing tests for the Delver Resistance Project.[7]


Most of the people serving in KRELL are varvax; because of this, humans often use "krell" to refer to the species.[3] They command a small fleet of fighter ships, as well as as a space station positioned in the vicinity of Detritus.[2] The station serves as the KRELL command center, the hub for their fighters, and an observation post from which they monitor the planet.[8] Despite its many functions, KRELL's station is smaller than the Superiority's heavier military ships.[9]

Vast majority of KRELL forces pilot remotely-controlled drones, although they do possess a number of manned vessels, nicknamed "aces" by the DDF.[8] They also have some lifebusters, special weapons designed to keep Detritus in check, or wipe its population out if necessary.[4] They can additionally call on a few larger battleships, which are far more formidable than the fighters.[9] The KRELL vehicles can be recognized by the stenciled name of the force on their sides, as well as a black coat of paint.[2][10]



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