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Profession Council President of ReDawn
Species UrDail
World ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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We call ourselves Unity and Independence, but we all enjoy the benefits of both freedom and peace. The real enemies are those who seek to divide ReDawn, who threaten our peace, and who put the prosperity of all denizens in jeopardy. Progress for ReDawn! May her enemies be swiftly silenced for the good of us all.

—Nanalis’ message at a sporting event[1]

Nanalis is the Council President of the Council of UrDail, the leading government figure on the planet, and is relatively new to the position. She is also the High Chancellor of the Unity faction in ReDawn’s government.[1]


As part of the Unity faction, Nanalis sought to unite ReDawn and ally with the Superiority, in opposition to the Independence faction. She made a statement at a sporting event attended by Alanik and Rinakin, calling the people in the Unity faction their enemies trying to divide ReDawn, saying that they must be silenced.[1] She orginized the kidnapping of Rinakin, and instated a bipartisan cooperation with the Superiority, in order to elevate ReDawn to the galactic stage.[2] She used a Dione to impersonate Rinakin using a holographic bracelet modeled after technology taken from M-Bot, and had them make statements as Rinakin aligning himself with Nanalis and the Unity faction.[3]


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