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Juno by Heatherly.jpeg
Profession Lorekeeper
Species Kitsen
Homeworld Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Evershore
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Breathe in, breathe out. You are now completely relaxed.

—Juno beginning Jorgen’s meditation[1]

Juno is a kitsen, and one of their lorekeepers. As a lorekeeper, he keeps and studies knowledge about past kitsen cytonics and their texts.[2] When Jorgen Weight and Skyward Flight arrive on Evershore, it is Juno that helps guide them, and guides Jorgen to become more adept with his cytonics. Juno is especially helpful in helping Jorgen master use of mindblades. He has a set of power armor that he sometimes wears, which covers his entire body except for his ears, eyes, and nose.[1]


Meeting Skyward Flight[edit]

Juno met Jorgen and the other humans at a welcome feast, acting as a guide. He explained more about Evershore and kitsen culture,[2] as well as the workings of the kitsen senate.[3] After Jorgen lost control of his mindblades during the senate meeting, Juno spoke with him, offering to train him using his knowledge of techniques left behind by the ancient kitsen cytonics. He told Jorgen that he needed training to make his mindblades more controlled, sharper, and stronger.[4]

Accompanying and Training Jorgen[edit]

It is the way of the shadow-walkers. It is the way the ancients channeled their power, and the way that you must channel yours.

—Juno to Jorgen[1]

Juno initially took Jorgen up to a cliff overlooking the city of Dreamspring, where they couldn’t do any damage. Juno himself wore a suit of power armor for protection. Juno guided Jorgen through a relaxing meditation, reading exercises from a book. He helped Jorgen relax, and visualize his mindblades better. Jorgen quickly grew more skilled, able to gouge repeated grooves into the nearby sandstone.[1] Jorgen heard voices calling to him for help through the nowhere, and Juno showed him the library where Gran-Gran and Cobb had arrived on Evershore. Juno provided backround information about the library, where the kitsen cytonics dissapeared at a summit, many years ago.[5]

You’ve done a great many things I thought were unwise, but it seems to be working for you so far.

—Juno to Jorgen during the battle[6]

Superiority forces arrived outside Evershore, and Juno offered to accompany Jorgen into battle, to help him with his mindblades. Juno stayed in the cockpit with Jorgen during the dogfighting, the boots of his power armor affixing to his hovering platform to keep him steady. Despite the excitement of battle, Juno guided Jorgen through calming meditations, and Jorgen was able to destroy several Superiority ships with his mindblades. Jorgen hyperjumped away to Detritus, and Juno went to Alanik to try and help her use mindblades.[7] However, he didn’t have as much natural affinity for mindblades as Jorgen did. Juno and Jorgen were shot down, and Jorgen faced off against an enemy cytonic, Juno’s guidance helping him defeat his opponent using mindblades. Juno accompanied Jorgen to Detritus to speak with Rig, and seemingly wasn’t surprised when Jorgen summoned a large horde of taynix to him at once.[8]

You are the Restorer of Lost Souls. He Who Hearkens unto Silent Voices, Opener of Locked Doors. Where you go, I will go, shadow-walker.

—Juno to Jorgen[9]

In the midst of the fighting, as things grew more chaotic, Juno accompanied Jorgen to the library, and helped guide Jorgen with hyperjump exercises. Jorgen was able to open the portal in the library, and free the ancient kitsen cytonics.[10] Juno was completely shocked by the sudden arrival of the kitsen cytonics, and hurriedly found hovering platforms for them to use. Jorgen advised Juno to say behind in the library, but Juno wanted to stay with Jorgen. As the fight drew to an end, Juno kept notes, wanting to write an account of the actions of a shadow-walker.[11] When Jorgen and Rig hyperjumped the planet of Detritus to a point outside Evershore, Juno gave information on how well Dreamspring would withstand the massive tidal wave that began to form from Detritus’ presence.[12] After the battle, Jorgen took Juno back down to Dreamspring, apologizing for the damage that was incurred because of Skyward Flight’s presence on Evershore. Juno, however, believed that his people had benefited in the end, as they were no longer isolated. Juno left, having many things to write down.[13]


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