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Died Skyward Flight's Second Battle[1]
Aliases Morningtide
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
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Morningtide is the callsign of a cadet in Skyward Flight who flew Skyward Seven.[2] Spensa couldn't quite remember her name, believing it to be Magma or Magna.[3] She was learning English when she joined Flight School. [3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is a quiet Vician girl with a tattoo on her lower jaw, visible even with a helmet on.[3] [4] Her voice is thickly accented.[2]


Flight School[edit]

During Skyward Flight's first battle, shots from the Krell are fired into the midst of the flight's ships. As the ships try to avoid the blast, Bim's ship hits Morningtide's, but didn't damage to either.[5] After the battle, she is Rigmarole's escort back to base while the other members of the flight waited for reinforcements.[5] She shares a room with Kimmalyn, Hurl and FM.


During Skyward Flight's second battle with the Krell, an enemy ship began tailing Morningtide. Spensa tried to close the distance to shoot down the enemy ship and Kimmalyn attempted to shoot a concentrated destructor blast at the Krell ship, but neither succeeded and Morningtide was killed by the Krell. [1]


Spensa Nightshade[edit]

Spensa originally thinks Morningtide's ignorance of her is due to arrogance or having a problem with her, but discovers later that English isn't her native language, causing a communication barrier.[3] Once she notices the barrier, Spensa begins to check in on Morningtide periodically to clarify any words she didn't understand from Cobb's training.[6] Morningtide's death comes hard for Spensa as the first friend she loses.

Jorgen Weight[edit]

As Morningtide's flightleader, Jorgen took her and Bim's deaths to be hard. He frequently replayed simulations of the battle where she died to see if he could have saved her. [7]


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