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Died Skyward Flight's Second Battle[1]
Ethnicity Yeongian
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
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I can hit it Cobb, I can bring it down.
— Bim to Cobb[1]

Bim is a cadet at the DDF Flight School on Detritus. His callsign is unknown, as he was killed in combat prior to deciding. Prior to his death, he was Skyward 8 in Skyward Flight.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bim is a short boy with dark blue hair, and his ethnicity is Yeongian.[2] Spensa describes him as "actually cute", and is surprised that he is romantically interested in her.[3] He is also said to have an "enthusiastic, genuine way about him." [4]

Biv shows an intense interest in learning weaponry, "perking up" when it is mentioned, and becomes both angry and disappointed when he learns that the other flights have been dogfighting while he have been practicing fundamentals.[5][3]


Early Life[edit]

Little is known about Bim's childhood specifically. Given that his clan maintained a large set of underground farms,[2] it can be assumed that his adolescent life revolved around farming in some way.

Flight School[edit]

Bim passed the acceptance test and was granted admission into flight school. He flew the ship Skyward Eight in Skyward Flight and participated in the first two non-holographic aerial battles that Skyward Flight engaged in. During his time, he asked some few questions regarding the status of a cadet who ejects, but spent the majority of his time eagerly asking about weapons. He seems to believe that practicing the fundamentals of flight is largely irrelevant, wondering why the need to practice landing instead of just turning off the simulator[4] and becoming sullen when the team practices with light-lances as opposed to dogfighting. [3] He also shows a romantic interest in Spensa at this time. During the second real combat situation Skyward Flight engaged in, Bim maintained that he could take down the lifebuster brought by the Krell, but was brought down by the Krell escort ships prior to neutralizing the lifebuster.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Flight Training[edit]

Bim was trained in aerial maneuvers and weaponry by Cobb, who has been known to effectively prepare cadets for battle.[2][6] His interest in weaponry may have led to a lack of maneuvering skill.


Sir, is it true that if we crash a real ship while in training, we won't graduate?
— Bim to Cobb regarding cadet status following ejection[2]
I talked so some cadets from Firestorm Flight this morning. They've been dogfighting this entire time.
—Bim complaining to Cobb. [3]
You with me, Spin?
— Bim asking Spensa to help take down the lifebuster.[1]


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