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Profession Pirate
Species Tanuzedran
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Cytonic

RayZed is a young pirate in the belt of the nowhere, and a member of the Broadsider Faction.[1]


RayZed worked at the Superiority base of Surehold, and defected alongside Peg and several others. She became a pilot, flying in one of the flights.[1] RayZed went to the arena duel between Spensa and Darkshadow[2], and afterward joined in the celebrations back at the Broadsider base. She ate some real food during the celebration, an old memory of life outside of the nowhere.[3] Before the joint pirate attack on Surehold, RayZed took Chet out flying for some g-force training, building up his endurance so he could fly with Spensa into battle.[4] When a delver-controlled fragment flew on a collision course to strike the Broadsider Base, RayZed was curious about the anomaly, asking questions of Peg to try and find out more.[5] Afterward, RayZed presumably participated in the assault on Surehold, and moved into the facility with the rest of the faction.[6]


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