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World The nowhere
Universe Cytoverse
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Surehold is a Superiority base in the belt of the nowhere.[1] Surehold is built on a very large and thick fragment, which is covered in hills and rocky crags. There are four separate acclivity stone quarries, each equipped with a variety of modern machines. The center of the base has roughly a dozen buildings, and is about as big as the entire DDF headquarters. The base is equipped with large antiaircraft guns. The base is home to an earth portal, which is one of the steps on the Path of Elders. Most of the people who work there are forced to by the Superiority, who holds several of their families to ensure cooperation.[2][3]


Surehold was created by the Superiority, used to mine acclivity stone. When the chief security officer, Peg, deserted along with a third of the base’s occupants, Surehold was fairly weakened, especially with several of its ships being stolen.[4] The Superiority was still able to defend it well, however. When Peg convinced all but one of the pirate factions to join her in an assault on Surehold, Surehold’s base commander, Lorn, made an alliance with Vlep and the Cannonade Faction. An intense battle near the base followed, with a delver causing large amounts of physical matter to appear out of thin air during the fight. A large majority of the ships on both sides were immobilized by their nonlethal weaponry, and a temporary truce was called while both sides got their frozen ships to safety. Vlep and his pirates deserted Lorn, on the condition that Peg would give them immunity. Peg made a deal with Lorn, gaining access to the base, and in return getting Lorn’s family back.[2] Peg and her pirates gained control of the base swiftly, deactivating the antiaircraft guns using Lorn’s security codes, then seizing the main security building. They ordered all personnel to their quarters, to make securing dissidents more easy. Peg became in charge of the entire base, and both Spensa and Peg retrieved their taynix, who were hiding at the base.[5] Spensa and Chet accessed the memories held in the portal in the base, the second to last step on the Path of Elders. When Spensa decided to continue on the Path of Elders against the will of the delvers, the delvers were going to destroy Surehold in order to kill Spensa, so her and her companions left the base.[6]


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