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Type Weapon
Universe Cytoverse

The club hadn’t been impressive, but it had been special because Chet had helped me make it.

—Spensa after losing Skullbreaker[1]

Skullbreaker is a makeshift weapon Spensa created while in the belt of the nowhere after losing her rifle. She creates it by finding a sturdy stick that had fallen from a tree, then stripping the bark. Spensa tries to lash a stone to the head of the club with a vine, but fails. Chet uses a spare shoelace from his boot to tie the stone in place, showing Spensa how to do it.[2]

After the Delvers send a fragment to destroy the one Chet and Spensa are on, Spensa lost Skullbreaker in the chaos. Spensa had been fond of Skullbreaker, and was saddened by its loss.[1] Spensa later wished she had Skullbreaker during a confrontation with Peg.[3]


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